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New and confused
Mar 19, 2006
... skooze... thank you so much for your reply.It really helps to get advice from someone who is going through this.I told my husband that we would go ahead and see avout ssd and get the process started I know that that is a long process I went through it in 1999 and didn't receive disability until 2001.{mine was due to back problems and nerve damage} but the sooner you get going... (2 replies)
... Hi My name is diane and i am new at this to !! i have rsd since i fell at work last yr it has been so painful i dont know which way to turn i have been to so many orthpedics and john hopkins which is a big hospital in balitmore pa it i have been admitted to the hospital a few times for the pain and then the one med they had me one gave me a seziure i have tryed the lyica ,... (23 replies)
Severe sensitivity
Mar 31, 2006
... Nobody would touch me with the blocks right now as I have a huge gash down my spine from surgery. Heat is the worst!!!!! I am taking neuroton but not getting relief from the sensitivity yet. Based off this situation what should I do? ... (14 replies)

... Hi Marcia! :wave: That was a very good explanation on the seziure meds. I am impressed. What you did is let others see, that diffferent drugs work on different people, but you explained why. I never knew--or thought about the seizure meds and the RSD being linked in that way, but it does make sense. I've never heard of Gabitril, but I could see doing a low dose at bedtime to... (10 replies)
... linda,so glad you actually found something that may be making an impact on your pain.I have seen alot about this particular med pop up on quite a few of the different boards here and everyone seems to be having at least some sort of a positive result with it.i too have been comtemplating a change to this too.please keep me posted on how things go with this will ya?again,I am... (10 replies)
... I tried neurontin for nerve pain. I got up to 1800 mg/day with no effect whatsoever on my nerve pain, but the side effects were horrendous and withdrawal equally so. After much trepidation (because it is a newer medication and variation of neurontin - although different molecule whatever that means), I've started trying Lyrica. It's specifically intended for pain and... (10 replies)
... The thing about neurontin and all the other anti siezure meds that various docs use to try and treat nerve related pain and neuro conditions,is that they will definitely work diferently on different when I was taking neurontin,i felt absolutely no side effects what so ever,i never felt tired or spacey or anything,it was almost like just taking a vitamin for... (10 replies)
... Galena!!! I am allergic to that crap too. I have told my psych' and all he says is to decrease the mg. Well, I do not take that mess anymore--instead I have ended up an addict--to hydro. Going to meth clinic this week. Truly that med would make me cry, want to die, feel depressed and then one day it might make me sing, act silly , laugh way too much and feel high as a kite.... (10 replies)
... hi everyone, thank you again for that bit of info, I started taking the neurontin only 1 pill at night but on the 3rd day I got up had 2 cups of coffee and went for a 3rd cup of coffee and i was so dizzie i couldn't stand it and that was only 3 nights of taking 1 pill each night, so i told my hubby i am not taking that no more! HUGS Doris (10 replies)
... You're welcome. All I can say is OUCH!! Sounds like there should have been something broken, but thank goodness there wasn't. Then again, you don't need a break to get this crap. I really hope that the blocks will help you. Maybe you should ask your doctor why he wants to put you on so high a dose. See what he says and you can always tell him that you are more comfortable... (10 replies)
... Hi Doris! There are different dosages and doctor's that prescribe neurontin for nerve pain, but they are not approved for RSD. Pfizer the drug company got slapped with the 2nd biggest lawsuit for promoting a drug for off label uses. It was only approved for shingles and in cojunction with seizure medication. If you read some past posts, some ave good luck , but many do not. I... (10 replies)
... hi karen, Thank you so much for the info, now i know all it does is help with pain, I thought maybe there might be like arthristis medicine in there too, see my doc put me on that and wants to work me up to 1500 MG's a day well my pain is not that bad to where i need that, it used to be but not now I would get alot of pain from the swelling when i would swell up at night... (10 replies)
... Neurontin is also known as Gabapentin. It's purpose is supposed to help nerve pain, prevent allodynia (pain related to otherwise innocuous stimuli, like being poked with a pin), and hyperalgesia (exaggerated response to painful stimuli). Also for epilepsy. All the pill has in it is the Gabapentin and the other inert ingredients they put in pills, like food coloring, etc. ... (10 replies)

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