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... jd, We looked into HBOT for my husband. In our area (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) the cost was $150 per treatment and they said RSD requires 40 treatments for a grand total of $6000. Needless to say we are not doing it because of the cost. Insurance does not pay for it because it is not an FDA approved treatment for RSD. Good luck and I hope you find out why your girlfriend is... (13 replies)
... your consideration and your willingness to try and help us. Right now she is still visiting doctors to try and find out why she went blind. so any treatments for RSD are on hold. It has been so frustrating because it appears that nothing is wrong with her eyes. ... (13 replies)
... DaleZ I know the feeling. From what I have read and understand I guess you really never get rid of RSD it may go in remission for awhile but then anything at all can set it off again. I guess they can cure it if the RSD is spotted when your young enough. ... (8 replies)

... (23 replies)
... Just thought I would update everyone on my original thread about acupuncture. I have had two sessions so far and done quite well. I did not go into this thinking it would cure my rsd or take all the pain away - just wanted to see if it would help me overall - I will take anything at this point! They have given me 13 to 18 needles in the 2 sessions so far. The most I... (23 replies)
... I have also had an RSD type syndrome since '99, and I get horrible muscle cramps, also most especially at night. ... (9 replies)
New to RSD
May 7, 2008
... I've had called around for another dr.. There is only one other dr here that handles RSD but.. He will not take insurance.. ... (47 replies)
... OMG I'm 14 but I have had RND since I was 8 but dianosed when I was 12. I went through the program and it is very hard. You do lots of excerise and desensitazation. I know you may want to quit the program but try to push through it. They try to make it fun with animal walks and pool time and other stuff like that but it still is hard. It didn't work for me. I'm going back to... (11 replies)
... Get someone to represent you and they take care of everything. Don't give up, you need the medicare, like I said in my post just now, all you have to do is hire someone and go to the hearing, the rest they take care of for you. Oh and fill out the forms. Also, if more of us keep truckin and fight, then SS will see that its a disease they must approve on. If you have any... (8 replies)
... I get stressed when I fight... fighting with ss is too stressful which would cause the rsd to flare up. It's not worth it. I do everything to stay away from stress. ... (8 replies)
Does RSD burn out?
Oct 30, 2006
... Anyhow, I like Sharon, had RSD before I had my neck surgery. My dr.s feared it was RSD, but never told me hoping the surgery would cure it. But it only made it worse. ... (5 replies)
... I try not to feel sorry for myself, and reading the posts here, most folks have RSD much worse than I do, I just don't know what to do. ... ... (8 replies)
... art. I read "Getting Past NO" by William Urich, because I wanted to prove to my doctors that I had RSD. I showed all the signs, but wc kept denying me treatment. RSD plays tricks on your mind causing depression. Accepting it and moving on and learning to live with it is half the battle. I hope this helps you. ... (9 replies)
... so much.i just get depresses real easily and that's when i go down the tubes then all i want to do is sleep. my case is wc and i originally got hurt in 2000. the rsd came about after my most recent surgury in nov of 2005 so i'm not new to pain just very different and much worse. ... (10 replies)
Dite and RSD ?
Oct 21, 2005
... but it is supposed to cure everything. The tourists come here and buy cases of it to take home. Anyhow it works on the immunre system and is made from taro plants. ... (6 replies)
About RSD?
Jul 19, 2005
... management doctor. One who can prescribe her pain meds, with others for depression and sleep. They need to know her whole medical condition as well. There is no cure for RSD yet, but by reading the posts here you can ask questions for all of us are in the same boat, yet different things work for different cases. ... (1 replies)
... Hang in there. I still remember the fear I felt when I started grasping what RSD really is and how there is no cure, only remission. I was a mess. ... (25 replies)
... hello all, I'm not so upbeat about rsd and why i got it. To be that 1 out of 1000, to get rsd, I wish I didn't have it. ... (7 replies)
... I'm not sure yet if I have RSD or have had RSD that went into remission, as I still am in the diagnosis stage. ... (6 replies)
... I hope you find the way you can cure yourself and can help other people. ... (10 replies)

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