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... Since my diagnosis of RSD in October I have googled, yahooed and used every search engine I could find to get information on this unexplainable pain I'm going through. ... (6 replies)
Surgery & RSD
Jun 6, 2006
... HI Laurie! And welcome to the boards. I was ready to sign off, because my hands were giving out, and your post stopped me dead in my tracks. I too, have RSD in the upper left extremeity from a work accident as a waitress. I am right handed, how about you? ... (11 replies)
... I went to the Nerve Dr. yesterday and she wants me to see a pain Dr. She said that it's not nerve related and said all the signs point to RSD. My wife asked her what they could do and she said nothing there is no cure. She told us that a pain Dr. will help me deal with the pain, but not sure if I will be able to walk again. Is this what these pain Dr.'s do, or do they fix... (14 replies)

... get DMSO and MSM online from tons of companies in the US. They are both perfectly legal here. If you believe what the people who sell them say, either one will cure what ails you! Lots of hype, but little hard, unbiased information. ... (3 replies)
I am new RSD
Jan 23, 2005
... pass around about treatments that work for us, and don't work in hopes that maybe we can help eachother to feel better one day. It sucks to no end that we have RSD but at least there are others out there who can relate with us here. Maybe someday they might even find a cure? ... (7 replies)
... rs had given me hydrocodone it helped some but he sas no pain medicine instead he has injected 2 shots in my back and i dont feel any releif. does any one have a cure sounds to me like there's not one certain thing that works. ... (14 replies)
... -Cindy, Perhaps you could ask Dr. Hasmi about all this & let us know his thoughts. I've read much of their stuff at their website, they seem to support sympathetic blocks (but vocally against sympathectomies unless your life expectancy is <5 yrs as they've seen permanent disruption problematic-e.g. denervation supersensitivity), some antidepressants & anticonvulsants. I... (27 replies)
... gree with you all. God allows things to happen for some reason. I have no idea why I got it or what his plan is, but it could be worse. No, there is no cure, but RSD isn't a life threatening disease, just a life changing one. ... (7 replies)
RSD of the Ear?!
Jun 8, 2004
... A study from Italy shows that RSD can be cured with intravenous clodronate 300 mg daily for 10 consecutive days. ... (58 replies)
... Hello, I'm so sorry that one so young has this horrible disease. My daughter also has RSD. She is 21, and has been fighting it for going on 3 years now. I agree with Julie, which by the way is my daughter's name, that it affects people differently. Stress does tend to make her worse. How she can function with all the meds she is on I have no idea. I just pray that some... (8 replies)
... I've been biking about 5mi a day and last Sunday I walked 2mi after my 5mi ride. You know what? I still have RSD! Exercise is important, but it isn't a cure - Shelley (6 replies)
... Those comments are so ignorant! Rude! Hurtful! Yes, I had plenty of doc's and PA's tell me to walk on my RSD feet. Yea, right. I couldn't even let a sheet touch them at night let alone put hose or shoes on. I finally got used to their ignorance. ... (6 replies)
... Here's a note for those to consider who are looking for a cause for their RSD. I found it after much research and was able to cure mine. I'm pain free. Hope it helps others. ... (1 replies)
... I had to quit my job, to say home with him, to make sure he takes his meds correctly for RSD and some other problems. I know the the pain is very difficult to cope with, and I hope that someday they come up with something to cure it. ... (13 replies)
... i have had 4 lumbar sympatetic blocks and am gettig another one tommorow. will this really cure me. they are so painful and the sedations make me sick. ... (4 replies)
... e will be sticking a needle into my neck to block my sympathectic nerve. If I get relief of the pain then it is definately RSD. Can anyone tell me if this will cure the pain? ... (5 replies)
... Hi and welcome. Your gilfriend is truly lucky to have someone like you in her life. I am 27 and can relate to you two as someone trying to put my young life back together for the future. I have seen Dr. Schwartzman in Philadelphia and am going to receive Ketamine low dose infusions. It is not a cure. Everyone will respond differently, but my best shot. I started with it in my... (13 replies)
... Since there isn't a cure out there yet for this bizarre and complex disease, I'm trying to find a cure within myself...all I can do is hope and try... ... (10 replies)
... You are very kind. I am in unbearable pain. As I was not diagnosed on time, most likely nerve blocks are not going to help, and I do not want to do them , I had too many surgical procedures already. So I have to take medications. What is a good PM doctor? As I read there are several medications for nerve pain, pain killers and muscle relaxers, and you have to try which one... (5 replies)
Apr 28, 2013
... I have not tried it but others on this board have done it and I am sure they can give you some pointers. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or cure for this disease. It is all about getting temporary or gradual relieve. ... (7 replies)

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