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... I have noticed in various threads on this healthboard that for alot of people, what they eat directly effects their RSD symptoms. ... (14 replies)
... impacts to alot of your areas where you already have RSD spread. just EVEN having any other areas decide to pop in on you would increase your particular risks here too. ... (14 replies)
... the one huge thing you really need to understand here, and i really cannot fathom where this rheumy came up with this, is RSD symptoms are pretty distinctive in how they present. the one thing he is telling you IS NOT an actual true 'symptom' of even having RSD. ... (35 replies)

... you will find the stuff about the temperature control of the body. One important thing about RSD. Not everyone has all the symptoms, and you won't have all YOUR symptoms all the time. ... (17 replies)
RSD movement
Aug 22, 2008
... u also have to consider that you may have simply done something to that other area and that is where the pain can be also coming from. do you have any other real RSD symptoms in that hand besides just the pain? ... (9 replies)
... I would like to know if your doctors, nurses, etc. have ever told you that your RSD does not exist, that you are imagining your RSD, or that your RSD is all in your mind. Why did they say this and what did you do about it? ... (6 replies)
... can see why you are wondering. The red flag to me though, was what happened to your arm with the IV. If it got "messed up" that may have been another place the RSD flared due to the injury they did to the arm during the injection. That is pretty typical of RSD. So.... ... (2 replies)
Jan 11, 2015
... hi weirditch and welcome. sorry you have rsd. even though rsd can go into remission it can still come back again. the symptoms you are describing sound like rsd symptoms. you don't need to have all the symptom of rsd or have the symptoms be in the same spot for it to be rsd again. ... (1 replies)
Fibro or rsd?
Apr 25, 2005
... till the foot throbbed and discolored. It took a second opinion some five months later to tell me I had developed RSD. Once they treated the pain with meds, my symptoms got a whole lot better. ... (1 replies)
RSD help
Apr 8, 2011
... FYI - You can't go to Germany for the ketamine coma - it has been closed down for quite some time. But Mexico remains open and I have heard that the doc there does a terrific job. Good luck, Sandy (48 replies)
RSD help
Apr 6, 2011
... post another thread asking for a good RSD Dr. in your area....there are good people on here that will help you find one. I would go outside this Dr. that dx'd you. get a second opinion... ... (48 replies)
New to RSD
Dec 20, 2003
... I'm so sorry you are living in such pain. I am also newly diagnosed with RSD in my left wrist and hand. I am not familiar with living with it in the feet. ... (6 replies)
... It's full body rsd. When you have rsd pain and symptoms all over then that's it! I have full body too. It's always a good idea to have any new pain checked out. ... (6 replies)
... So, I sent Dr. Schwartzman an email. After explaining that I have Systemic RSD and what I have been through the past 6 years, I asked the following questions and Dr. ... (9 replies)
... is in my foot, other foot has none. He explained to me that my nervous system is still on high alert and that if I tried to stay up and act normal all my earlier symptoms would come back. He explained that he has had a few other patients react this way but is not the overall norm. ... (15 replies)
Vitamin B & RSD
Dec 12, 2003
... friends support. My RSD symptoms have only started since September, so hopefully I may be able to get on top of it early. ... (42 replies)
... you asked what my rsd symptoms were so here is the list from the beginning . ... (5 replies)
... rve block at this time due to possible risk. He does not want to cause me another problem. He wants me to return in two weeks. He said some people may develop symptoms after trauma. Since i am responding to oral steriod. He said it is a good sign. May be the symptoms may go away. ... (8 replies)
... treatment has failed." Two doctors with a lot of articles published are Katz and Hungerford. I personally had an office procedure to remove a melanoma from my RSD leg and it caused the RSD pain to increase 10 fold and spread. ... (7 replies)
... You asked if anyone had ANY similar circumstances to the symptoms you described. Well, for me, ALL of those symptoms are all too familiar! My symptoms are exactly as you described, only it started on my right side and never spread to my left. ... (7 replies)

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