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... so on top of mourning the life you can no longer lead, it throws in all thoughs other fun emotional problems, along with all of the physical ones. RSD isn't called a monster for nothing. ... (6 replies)
Can RSD spread?
Sep 3, 2003
... leg. I told him again and again that my RSD symptoms are masked by Duragesic, the strong narcotic painkiller I am using. I even found an article from Dr. ... (9 replies)
RSD or nerve pain?
Sep 26, 2013
... although, I still call it RSD cuz that's how I have always known it! ... (5 replies)

RSD ???
Jun 6, 2011
... og, I have RSD in my left foot, from surgery done by a podiatrist, the podiatrist had no clue, went to a neuro she had no clue, went to orthapedic, who suspected RSD sent me to pain management who dx me, My physical therapist also suspected it way back before the ortho saw me. ... (7 replies)
... neurologists have told me I need carpal tunnel syndrome surgery. Both dismiss concerns that my RSD will flare up. With good meds, PT, and early diagnosis, I am getting my life back after being in too much pain or too drugged to be functional for about a year. ... (8 replies)
... I find it ironic that some sufferers of RSD get NO diagnosis when they should have, and other doctors or physios are throwing out RSD as a diagnosis without doing the proper workups. ... (12 replies)
... Michelle i would love my ortho Dr. to meet you. He is so ignorant to RSD. He says RSD doesn't spread and that it only was documented once in the 1960's! He also says how it is not chronic that is just gets better and goes away! He has no clue. ... (65 replies)
... I, too, have RSD/CRPS. Started in right hand after carpal tunnel surgery. Spread up arm into shoulder and lower neck. Migrated to left hand and spread to match the right. I saw countless doctors in and out of state. No help, in fact, some said I needed psychiatric help! I'm sure many of you can relate. My opinion, only after trial and error treatments, meds, etc., is that I... (1 replies)
... am wondering if they are basing that judgement on your pain level or on mechanical issues based on mri's and other tests. The fact that your were diagnosed with RSD initially should have made your medical team be on the alert and taken action at that time.. ... (23 replies)
... ou have to endure the pain you're experiencing and I appreciate the loneliness of your struggle. Our son is about to turn 19 and first began his experience with RSD at age 14. Unlike many adult RSD patients, he suffered no specific traumatic injury that triggered the pain. ... (19 replies)
... thought that one couldnt fix me. Throughout this year I have seen I dont know maybe 15 drs or so for different reasons and everyone had a different idea of what rsd was, a different diagnosis and explanation. Its amazing, really. ... (12 replies)
... It doesnt take 7 months to manifest completly in my opinion. However, my Rsd began as mild and became more severe as time passed. I would not tell someone they did not have this disease based soley upon one personal experience. ... (12 replies)
... Well....all that I know 6 years into this and I've never heard of anyone who went that long. Even for the "odd" case rsd will show up in days and up to a couple of weeks later. This doesn't sound like rsd at all. ... (15 replies)
... ft another supporting joint "disconnected" so I need to have an operation to correct these as well as two other joints that were damaged in the surgeries. But my RSD has not been responsive to any treatments so far. This is why they want to put SCS in. ... (12 replies)
... I've had rsd for 7 yrs now.. It started from herniation in my cervical spine. 4,5,6.. I also have compression of the spinal cord, spinal stenosis, spurring.. ... (20 replies)
New to RSD
May 23, 2008
... cod.. but also remember Ive also had some lidocaine infusions that have taken alot of my pain away.. That is what go me to the point I am at today.. Yes, the rsd has spread to all four extremities but the pain is not as strong since the infusions. I just wish all drs would give that type of treatment to RSD pts... ... (47 replies)
RSD and Bathing
May 9, 2008
... Your not disgusting at all.. That is so common for RSD.. When I was first started with RSD I was the same way.. So sensitive to touch... I avoided taking showers myself.. I really don't much answers for you.. Two yrs is not that long for RSD.. ... (8 replies)
... As for RSD there are some significant changes that can be constant, like a lot of pain, a burning feeling, change in temperature of the limb, color change of the skin. ... (10 replies)
... care of and make the other stuff disappear. It's not something you hear of often, but I've known a few people in the past 4 years now that were misdiagnosed with RSD when their problem was a compressed nerve. It seems to somewhat imitate some symptoms of RSD. A second opinion is always a good thing though. ... (14 replies)
... understand you fear.. I would be thinking twice about it myself.. I just have a couple questions for you if you don't mind. How long to they feel you have had RSD for? ... (14 replies)

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