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What can I expect?
Sep 14, 2004
... questions to determine if the symptoms are there for RSD. Not everyone has them all so he'll need to ask lots of questions. My pain Dr. ... (4 replies)
... Msbugg.... whatever you do, DO NOT PUT ICE ON YOUR FOOT!!!! Sorry for the caps, but I can't stress that enough, as ice can make RSD much worse, and can even cause it to spread! ... (14 replies)
... I also to developed RSD after having a mortons neuroma removed from my right foot. That was done in Sept and the symptoms of the RSD started about 5 days after the surg but the doc blamed it on something else and never really got diagnosed untill my symptoms were there for a month. ... (11 replies)

... s still the same the fear the new feeling to this the desperation ..all of it and you can only hope that you find a dr willing to do research..and while they are RSD specialists there is still no real research on RSD just pain management. ... (4 replies)
Savella anyone?
Jan 3, 2010
... It's been a while since I posted but I had a question for you. Is there anyone with RSD who is taking Savella? ... (6 replies)
... ew life where you have to know what your limits are and not push it too much to prevent feeling even more pain that usual. The need to keep using the part that's RSD ridden. That's very important!!! Don't stop using it! ... (38 replies)
... list the symptoms of RSD that you have? ... (11 replies)
... second of all, if you think RSD has a ton of treatment options you are sorely mistaken. it is a disease that cannot be cured and the pain does not go away, you don't heal from this. ... (42 replies)
... (12 replies)
... First Complex Regional Pain Syndrom is the same as RSD or Reflex Sympathic Dystophy. Not sure if you knew that or? ... (12 replies)
... which brings on a lot of symptoms of rsd, but because i didn't have the atrophy, weird hair or nail grow, and a few other symptoms, he really doesn't think i have rsd. ... (14 replies)
RSD spread
Nov 7, 2003
... Yes, they are all horrible, but it doesn't mean that your RSD is spreading. A lot of them are a result of the disturbance of the sympathetic system. ... (6 replies)
... The doctors cannot SEE I have RSD because Duragesic, the very strong narcotic painkiller I have been using for a year, masks the symptoms of my RSD. I found an article from Dr. Schwartzman, a famous U.S. ... (5 replies)
... I read about the spoons after I'd had rsd for a year or maybe 2. I love it! I let my hubby read it too. Not that he needed to but he did love how it made such a good point. ... (14 replies)
... A bone scan is not accurate at all at any point with RSD. There are some with RSD that get a bone scan in the first 3 months and it shows positive changes signaling rsd. ... (21 replies)
... really shocked when my soon to be mother in law said bren, you need to go to the dr and tell them you think you have RSD that is what my leg looked like when my symptoms started, she and I don't get along all too well, She's one of those kinda people NO one can be as bad off as her. ... (13 replies)
... R arm. The first one was from arthroscopic knee surgery and the second one is still unknown. Both times I was successfully able to break the cycle of pain and symptoms with the help of pain mgmt. I had lumbar sympathetic blocks for my leg and an epidural pain catheter placed for my arm. ... (24 replies)
... Hi Carl Welcome to this forum! I'll try and help, but bear in mind we're not doctors. RSD is characterised by severe constant burning pain, plus other pains, that mainly happen in one or more limbs. Other pains include shooting pains, muscular pains/cramps/spasms, pain when touched on that limb, pain from a breeze etc, deep bone pain etc. There are also other... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone...I haven't written in a little while, but I've been visiting the RSD board and I think of y'all often. ... (2 replies)
... and recognized it for the beast that it is. The reason this is important is that RSD patients may not exhibit every major symptom at the same time, if at all. ... (7 replies)

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