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... to the block,therefore,that particular upper hell was not RSD and he stayed with the original Dx of central pain done by my NS shortly after my surgery was done. ... (8 replies)
... that is more money in his or her pocket. I know this sounds cynical, but cases like this actually happen, just like cases in which someone who actually has RSD is diagnosed as not having RSD by worker's comp doctors because it is in their best interest. ... (21 replies)
... I am perplexed as to whether my symptoms are due to steroid injections and irritation of the small nerve fibers from my injury or if my symptoms are related to RSD. ... (6 replies)

... I really hope your husband is not dealing with RSD. One of the hallmark symptoms is burning pain, but that's not always the case. ... (11 replies)
... There is no definitive test for this disorder, diagnosis is usually made purely from clinical observation, often over multiple visits as the symptoms may not always be present. ... (34 replies)
... Dayton, I guess your primary care doctor did not want to admit you have RSD because he is not very knowledgeable about RSD and because he cannot see any visible RSD symptoms even if they are there. Some of my doctors refused to diagnose me with RSD for the same reasons, even though the history of my symptoms indicates RSD. ... (6 replies)
... I went for my CT results to the ortho today, and he brought up the dreaded RSD ... ... (0 replies)
... just exactly what real symptoms are you displaying in that other hand right now? ... (10 replies)
Jan 2, 2009
... Yes,it can come along due to nerve damage and without it. Sometimes people get confused because of the bazillion names for rsd and then add the words type I and type II. ... (6 replies)
... y left arm. It is now locked in a position where my left hand touches my left shoulder and the only time I can stretch it out is to put my clothes on. I have had RSD in my scalp that caused me to lose most of my hair and at one time I had real long red hair. ... (20 replies)
... thanks! wat is a sympathetic block. my dr said most medicines dont work 4 teens w/ RSD, so he isnt prescribing me any! i didnt even have blood work or any tests. he just came in my room & said "well u've got RSD." until a few months ago, we had no pediatric rheumatologists in my state. i was diagnosed w/ JRA in the 3rd grade, & i was never able 2 have medicine for bc we had no... (11 replies)
... Below is my background on what I have been through. My RSD started in both feet, legs and lower back. When I had numbness, swelling, and burning in my hands. ... (6 replies)
... Even though he didn't perform any tests, he made this diagnosis from my history of symptoms with the injured foot. He said that it's not normal for an injury like mine not to get better and to keep producing pain for over 2 years. ... (6 replies)
... lly bad thing. PT is always good, as long as it's gentle and doesn't have you overdoing it. Doing too much just makes you hurt worse. Keeping your body part with RSD moving, keeping range of motion and strength is the key. ... (11 replies)
Rsd and your eyes?
Feb 24, 2004
... Here's some articles I found regarding RSD and your eyes. It really sucks. ... (13 replies)
Is this RSD
Apr 25, 2003
... ght hand. finaly the whole right hand would turn purple in color ice cold most of the time and very painful at times. in early march it spread and i got the same symptoms on the left hand. so what i have to date is... ... (10 replies)
Is it RSD?
Jun 8, 2013
... I did recently have nerve conduction testing...which of course all was totally fine...but I asked if that would show anything related to RSD or small nerve damage, and they said no. It is my GP who ordered that test...she is really the only one listening at this point. ... (4 replies)
... i still don't quite understand how they could come up with a dx of RSD without ever even bothering to just fully look at his entire spinal with an MRI to rule out other causes. ... (35 replies)
... If you've still had pain and any other symptoms in your foot for the past 2 years, then you were not in remission. Remission is a complete lack of pain or any other symptoms of rsd. ... (8 replies)
... ain the type of syndrome it appears you may have.the fact that you just do not appear from what you have stated that you have the more 'classic" outward signs of RSD like swelling,no type of color could however have actual sympathetic nervous system damage which could explain some other symptoms. ... (5 replies)

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