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... Although some of your symptoms sound like RSD, the fact that it went so quickly to all of your limbs is a bit odd. RSD can spread, but yours seemed to spread unusually fast. Also, the lack of temperature fluctuation is atypical for RSD. But RSD can do very strange things! ... (6 replies)
... Everyone is different when it comes to symptoms of RSD. What caught me is the red dots! I get those too all over my legs and feet. They look like small blood blisters most of the time. ... (4 replies)
How to DX RSd
Jan 19, 2005
... is extremely painful just as in RSD.but you do not have the same type of swelling or color changes in the skin.but all of that other sensation crap that RSD has is about the same for central pain.Central pain is triggered by damage to the thalamus in the brain or the thalamic tract inside the spinal cord. ... (2 replies)

... You are right in that a cortisone injection is not used as a diagnosis tool for RSD. It makes sense that injecting the injured body part may cause RSD to flare... ... (11 replies)
... Hi Beth, Thank you for the info.This is what is happening......I get those sharp piercing, jabbing pains.It is hard to explain but most of the time it is my whole foot and I really can't pinpoint a certain spot that hurts.I get feelings of like umm bugs crawling up my foot and leg.My big toe keeps twitching or having spasms.Also throbs.I have had electrical shocks and my... (7 replies)
... determine if you have early RSD. I am presently laying on the couch off my foot as the scar tissue aggrevates my RSD. My symptoms are much better if I do this. I am waiting for my HMO insurance to approve a team of Drs. my family physician has recommended me to see. ... (7 replies)
A note....
May 5, 2004
... take care and I'll talk to you soon. I need to stop typing for now and go put some heat on my elbow. I'm battling tendonitis which is possibly what triggered the rsd in my right arm. I'm not sure though, I thought I had the rsd symptoms first... I can't remember, lol. ... (19 replies)
... Hey, I hope some of you people here can help me. I am wondering what the emotional symptoms of RSD are, and what exactly RSD is. In the last few years I have lost the ability to feel emotions. ... (2 replies)
... Like Sharon said, a lot of your symptoms sound like RSD, but they could be other things as well. Although symptoms and clinical observations form the basis of an RSD diagnosis, there are several tests such as bone scans, radiographs, blood tests, thermography, sweat test, etc. that are used to support that diagnosis. ... (3 replies)
New to RSD
Dec 20, 2003
... There are so many symptoms with RSD and they don't all have to be present to have the disorder. It seems that everyone who has RSD has a different set of symptoms. ... (6 replies)
Stages 2 and 3
Sep 30, 2003
... since I was 15 so I've been dealing with it for a long time. RSD affects everyone differently so I can't answer your question about whether everyone with RSD become disabled. I do know of a person who was able to get rid of all of her RSD symptoms. ... (9 replies)
Full body rsd
Aug 28, 2003
... sorry to be reduntant. in another thread, i talked about having read that some internal symptoms such as nausea and bowel and bladder changes can occur as a result of circulatory changes in rsd patients. ... (0 replies)
Psychological rsd
Nov 11, 2011
... I can tell you from experience that your doctor is wrong. I have had RSD now for over 8 years. Before RSD I had no health or mental problems. I have done a lot of research and asking others with RSD many questions. ... (4 replies)
... First, I'd like to say that after several years, I still do not know whether or not I have RSD or a nerve injury. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Delta, yes it sounds like spread to me, ask for a lumbar sympathetic nerve block right away! When my RSD spread to my left hand and arm I got a nerve block just a week later, and it really helped. my left hand has RSD but I do not have any bad symptoms there. ... (12 replies)
... One thing I have learned....they dont treat RSD...they MANAGE PAIN and SYMPTOMS of RSD...get that in your cure, no pill, just a life of pure pain.........and pray to god your doc knows his stuff.... ... (14 replies)
... Now, RSD never just "goes away". Unless you're one of the lucky few to go into remission, when you have rsd you have it for life. With these 2 docs saying you do, I will say find a pain management doc asap. One who treats rsd patients and knows what he's doing. ... (23 replies)
Jan 3, 2009
... I tend to think that you do have type 2 RSD and that all your hard work doing your own PT has put your condition into a milder state.. ... (6 replies)
... now. I was in a very bad auto accident yrs ago.. I just lucky to be alive to be honest.. Last time I spoke to the dr about surgery.. He wanted me to get the RSD calmed down.. He felt if that was calmed down that the pain in my cervical would calm down.. ... (20 replies)
... where the RSD is, but before they dxd me with RSD. ... (8 replies)

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