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... Iam actually confused about what your saying.. Some of the symtoms do sound like RSD.. I have the burning in the hands and feet.. Hardly any swelling.... When I first started with RSD.. ... (10 replies)
... on under the sun about the partial lamnectomy that was part of the double paddle they had to put in so it would cover my left hand where i'm beginning to get the rsd symtoms. ... (26 replies)
... The percocet's are just not strong enough to tackle the pain im in...and its so frustrating to deal with the RSD symtoms. ... (6 replies)

... (26 replies)
... me I had mine it was full blown. I can at least say these helped. The pain I have everyday, at this point, is neuropathy. Also caused from my injury. Still some RSD symtoms but not as before and I hope its a long time to come before it goes full blown again. ... (8 replies)
... I am sorry to hear you going through such a horrible time.. Is sounds to me like you have RSD.. Most pts with RSD usually jump form DR to DR before they fine the one DR that diganoses it.. Its not uncommon at all... ... (10 replies)
... I think Karen basically explained the basic symtoms.. RSD is so hard to DX, it mimics so many other conditions one being TOS. ... (10 replies)
... You do sound very confused.. Some of the symtoms you are saying do sound alittle like RSD..Your early symtoms sound like RSD.. My hands turn color when ever I do something.. as soon as I stop within 10 mins the discolorization is gone.. ... (9 replies)
... r your having so much problems finding out your dignoses. Its does sound like you have some sort of nerve damage. I wish I could say yes or no regarding if its RSD or not.. Everyone is so differant..and it can be very confusing. I think you best bet would be to see a neurologist. ... (9 replies)
... All those symtoms your talking about.. I get them all.. I think RSD has a mind of its own... I have sat and tried to figure out what makes me flare up.. ... (18 replies)
Symtoms and SS
Sep 8, 2007
... I use to have alot of the swelling, sweating, burning, my hands would turn red.. Most of my symtoms happen in the late afternoon.. or when I go to do stuff life fold the wash etc.. Then my hands will swell up right away.. ... (6 replies)
... Same here I have alot of the same symtoms. I have lumbar and cervical problems.. My RSD started from hernitations to my cervical spine.. My MRI reads alot like yours.. I have the burning in hands and feet.. Alot of discolorations. Mild swelling. ... (10 replies)
... rance between the herniations and the RSD.. They do mimic each other alot.. I think thats why it took so long for them to diganose me. When I started with the symtoms in my feet. ... (6 replies)
... When you all started with RSD.. Were you symtoms more acute. Then as time went on did most of the symtoms change.. or calm down into differant symtoms.. ... (6 replies)
... e my case worker and this new doctor don't really care. He gave me a prescription for Trileptal and said I could go to a pain clinic if I wanted them to evaluate RSD in my shoulder. ... (4 replies)
... I understand fully how confused you must be.. You know I have RSD in both hands and in both feet... I have no problem shaking the drs hands.. expecially in the beginning.. I don't always have the swelling.. ... (8 replies)
... Now I am at the stage where I still get the burning, not so much of the swelling like I use to.. no more involunary movements.. I get what they call the cold RSD too.. I have more of the flu like symtoms and low grade fevers. The pain meds usually take care of that end.. ... (13 replies)
... Hello , this is my first post . got rsd after broken foot more than one year ago Burning pain at the site of the injury aggravated a short time after any activity . ... (10 replies)
... in order for RSD to begin. Remember, I said most, not all. ... (20 replies)
... the central and RSD do have some similar symptoms,but are caused by two very different things. ... (7 replies)

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