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... Skooze...lately, my feet are cold, but they're sweating like crazy! If I wear socks and sneakers, I find my socks get damp and it's not hot here in NY, yet. I don't have any visible symptoms in the feet, just the sweating and the fact that they feel ice cold to me. ... (12 replies)
... s why, but mine does and I thought maybe something else was going on like menopause, but when I read this post, I was relieved to know that I was right and it IS the RSD. Thanks for that. I like it when I'm right! ... (3 replies)
... allodynia I have had to slowly find out for myself by experimenting. By the way, allodynia is severe pain as a reaction to things which would not normally cause pain eg. breeze, light touch, clothing, sweating, cool air. ... (4 replies)

... For a funny story, he was getting his haircut the other day and when he was finished, the girl started apologizing. "I'm so sorry sir, I don't know how I could have spilled water down your back, but you are all wet. ... (28 replies)
... We live in Southeastern Florida. ... (28 replies)
... hot oatmeal and hot tea and it just gets it going terrible. Have to shuck off top and stand out in the cold air to calm it down. Mine is mostly around the head and torso, but even in bed I am chilled , put on covers only to start the oven going and have to throw them all off. ... (11 replies)
... Sorry to take so long getting back to you. And you are more than welcome for the reply I sent you. We all need to stick together. Emotional support is key when you are battling this war. ... (11 replies)
Cold Sweats....
Nov 11, 2007
... I just signed on this site hoping to find something that speaks to the increased sweating that I have been having. ... (7 replies)
... I think your doc is making things up.. the sweating I am told is a part of the sympathetic nervous system.. ... (11 replies)
... min I find an ice pack at the base of my neck or on my forehead can help. You can ask your Dr about homeopathic options to try, I know some have worked for other patients under my Dr's care. Good luck!!! ... (6 replies)
Feb 11, 2004
... Yeah I've had the sweating every since I came home from the surgey. I have an appointment with the PM doc this week. I have to talk with him about the increasing pain in my R arm anyway. I suspect he'll probably want to put another leg on the SCS into my neck, but I'll talk to him about the pump too. ... (10 replies)
Black cohash
Aug 14, 2003
... Hi everyone, thanks so much for the kind words. Am feeling better today, but throat, neck and shoulders are pretty sore. hopefully it will pass soon. My arm feels slightly better and it's not burning at much. ... (1 replies)
... Has anyone had a problem with old scars turning almost a black color. My RSD is in both hands and my right arm up to my neck which I received after having carpel tunnel surgeries. ... (8 replies)
... Maybe we could call you Nurse Swank. I read on your other thread, before your baby hit the send key, about your nursing and medical background. ... (35 replies)
... This is an excellent question. First of all no RSD patient will have a day of rest or any improvement unless the pain is effectively suppressed with the help of strong pain medications, nerve blocks, and large enough doses of antidepressants. ... (10 replies)
Dec 28, 2003
... ks are NOT worth a shot as so many on this board have stated though they continue to get them. Their side effects are quite serious. Repeated blocks can result in very serious conditions. This is a rude thing to do to one's body. ... (16 replies)
... Sorry to hear about the pain you have been experiencing in the last couple of years. ... (34 replies)
... Tomorrow after a month and a half wait I am finally going to see a neurologist. I am scared but excited at the same time. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Shelly, I can totally relate to the issue with your hands. Both my hand do that and I was told that it was probally from the 2 buldging discs I have in my neck. Now because of you it makes me wonder if it is the RSd. I have it in my right leg down to my toes. I also have extreme pain in my hips. ... (6 replies)
... I am new to the message boards and found this site while I was looking for info regarding RSD. ... (2 replies)

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