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... Has anyone ever heard of a T2 burn? ... (14 replies)
... want to look into. His PM is in Abington, Rosenthal, et al. Nice people, but I think they have reached the end of the road. They are the ones who suggested this T2 thing. I too have looked for doctors who have knowledge of RSD. No luck. I live 30 miles west of Philly. There was Dr. ... (14 replies)
... Dr. Rosenthal might be ok with just the auto insurance. My husband only has workers comp. No secondary ins. When he was having the stimulator implanted Rosenthal needed a neurosurgeon there to do the procedure. The neurosurgeon at first wanted a deposit of 1000 dollars because he was afraid he wouldn't get paid by comp. He might as well have asked for 1 million. We didn't have... (14 replies)

... Martra, Thats sounds so painful.. Iam sorry to hear that.. The thing is I need a PM dr.. one who will take auto insurance. All my medical bills are paid under that.. The only other insurance I have is medicaid. And medicaid won't cover the RSD.. ITs hard to find a dr that will take the auto.. The all ask for secondary insurance.. This is going on 6 yrs. It gets old..... (14 replies)
... Michelle, Dr. Rosenthal is an anastesiologist with S.E. Pa. Pain Management, Ltd. He is at the Abington Surgical Center. There are multiple doctors in the practice. Any of the doc's we have seen are all very nice. Let me know if you see them. I am not sure if they know everything there is to know about RSD. They can suggest treatments and the patient can decide for... (14 replies)
... Martra1025, How are you and how is your hubby? I just have another question for you.. Is Dr Rosenthals a Neuro or is he an ortho.. Iam getting confused.. Iam really thinking about seeing another dr while waiting to see DR S... I live only 8 mins from there.. How perfect is that.. I was in the accident when I was 35, not knowing I had RSD.. I was being treated for... (14 replies)
... Hi Michelle, My hubby was diagnosed by his orthpedist too. My hubby's doc is at the Abington Surgical Center on Blair Mill Rd. Like I said, I really like Dr. Rosenthal's personality I just don't think he knows what else to do. I read somewhere that RSD is about a 5 minute footnote in medical school. My husband...his name is Marc.... just did a 4 day stay in Abington Hospital... (14 replies)
... Tracy, When I was first dx from my orthopedic, the first thing he did was call DR Schwartzman.. Dr S is the one who started all my pain meds, he put me on Neurontin, lamical and tylenol with cod.. In the mean time I was to make an appt with him.. I had to wait two yrs also.. Most of his pts do see a PM dr in between.. So keep up with you PM even though you see him.. I... (14 replies)
... Tracy, Iam a pt of Dr Schwartzmans.. I was just in the hospital with him for a lidocaine infushion.. It was my second treatment.. I had positive results from the first one.. My second not so great.. I ended getting sent home early do to an allergic reaction.. I see Dr S in May.. Were talking about the ketamine treatments.. How do you and your hubby feel about DR S? Is... (14 replies)
... Jon, The blocks that he has had...4 stellate ganglion...have done very little with the pain. The first one he had the temp. did not increase. The edge that the blocks do take off only last for about 24 hours. Does that mean his pain is SIP? (14 replies)
... Yeah I forgot to ask what type of pain does he suffer.. If he is SMP than the procedure could work. But if its not than I wouldnt even bother with that one. I remember my PM telling me the procedure had a 40% chance at helping some. On finding out wether he has SIP or SMP I know the Blocks performed help indicate that.. I responded really well to the blocks with a unusual... (14 replies)
... Michelle, Sharon and Jon, Thanks for you input. He is not going to have a sympathectomy. What I've read so far about this is they heat up the area to destroy the nerve but it can also destroy adjacent nerves. I am not sure if his pain is SMP or SIP. I'm also not sure if they are talking about chemical or surgical. It sounded like they would go in through his back.They would... (14 replies)
... I think what you are reffering to is also known as RFTC Radio Frequency Thermal Coagulation. I was offered this treatment as a temporary fix. Usually when they do this procedure it will sever the nerve from 6 to 18 months. After Workers comp denied it my PM told me she was just doing that to buy me time before going to a more invasive modality. Hope this helps a little :) ... (14 replies)
... Hi, I think there are some docs who still use sympathectomy for RSD, but there are others who don't anymore because they know it doesn't work and could make things worse. I asked my doc recently if they do them anymore for RSD and they do not. I had a surgical sympathectomy in 1991. Besides being THE most difficult surgery I've been through, it did nothing for my pain... (14 replies)
... From what I have learned about Sympathectomy its used to destroy the collection of sympathetic neve cells in a specific areal along the spinal cord. Its know to carry cetain ricks and the outcome may vary from pt to pt. . Its usually used as a last resort treatment.. I would carefullly weigh the risks and benefits before undergoing this procedure. Which one are they... (14 replies)

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