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... I just think that this is a topic that should be discussed. I wish that when I was first diagnosed that I had been told this right away. Someone brought this up on another forum and I want to pay it forward. ... (31 replies)
... SO true! I've been saying this for years...that RSD can affect the entire body. I went the high bp route for a while and was put on bp meds until the RSD decided it wasn't going to play around with my bp anymore and I passed out because of low bp. Scary. ... (31 replies)
... Hyperhydrosis excessive sweating is one of the prominent symptoms of RSD.. ... (31 replies)

... My blood pressure has also been very high from time to time since I was dx'd with RSD and before my blood pressure was extremely low. ... (31 replies)
... I'm truly sorry I wasn't "virtually there" to hold your hand and help you with the questions to ask after I offered to help. Did you like the neurologist? ... (31 replies)
... Your answers were most welcomed. As it turns out, I am going to a new doctor, a neaurologist, on Tuesday, Dec. 2. I am so hoping that he turns out to be a good doctor for RSD. I would love to have some help on how to interview him. ... (31 replies)
... I am so glad, I read this post. Ever since I started going to the Pain management Dr for my CRPS, they would comment on my high blood pressure and fast heart beat. The nurse told me when you are in pain, it raises your BP and heart beat. ... (31 replies)
... Hello, I have had RSD for 4 years, so I believe. After my spinal fusion, it started in my left foot, traveled to my right. Now I believe that the problem that I am having with my fingertips is also RSD. ... (31 replies)
... I think it's so great that you have a chance to go to Costa Rica for the winter!! In a different climate and environment it will be interesting to see if your pain and symptoms lessen a little or perhaps, even a lot!!! ... (31 replies)
... I can't tell you how much I appreciated you taking the time to contact me. It is so nice to hear from other people who live with RSD. ... (31 replies)
... Had foot surgery in July of 07, and obviously it had a bad outcome. It's crossed over into my right foot also. Sometimes my ankle swells so badly. ... (31 replies)
... think are panic attacks, but I'm not really needing to panic if you know what I mean. I am really lucky because I was diagnosed anf treated quickly. I don't have the sweating, but boy do I have the mood swings...until I got onto Cymbalta. ... (31 replies)
... i couldn't agree more, how wonderful would it be if we were able to have a weekly 'chat session', at some point we might actually be able to do that. i too have RSD in my right foot, my foot is blue most of the time and I cannot wear any kind of sock, stocking, etc as I cannot have anything touch the skin. ... (31 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I'm glad you found us! ... (31 replies)
... I've been trying to find a blog so I can communicate with others who have RSD. I too have hot feet and am on Cymbalta which does help in terms of the burning. ... (31 replies)
... My PT discovered last week that my pulse and blood pressure are extremely high. He told me that it is from the RSD. I have never had problems with my hypertension in the past. ... (31 replies)
... It sounds as if RSD has affected your life as well, I give you a lot of credit for coming back the way you did. I assume that you are single and had to do this all by yourself with some support from your kids. ... (31 replies)
... I've had it just over a year. ... (31 replies)
... (31 replies)
... that is one of the things that frustrates me greatly about medical care in the US. And it was my career field before I was injured and became unable to work. ... (31 replies)

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