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... Thanks for bringing up the question about how to tell if it's SMP or SIP!! Of course, I ran off here and did some research to see if you could tell or not. all my glorified geekiness in doing what I's what I found. The answer is really, really simple too. I actually knew the answer already but just in case I was wrong...I looked. You know when the pain... (32 replies)
... Michelle, Thanks for posting in the midst of your busy busy life!!! I know you're working now and then you come home and take care of your own family!! You story is amazing and so is your strength. I will talk to my P.M. doc and ask her what she thinks about whether mine is SMP or SIP. I'm concerned that she may not know the answer. I'm also concerned she doesn't know... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily, Sorry it took so long to get back to you... The answer to your question regarding the lidocaine infusion.. Yes.. They do give this treatment to pts with SIP.. Thats the kind I have.. I had no response at all from the blocks.. Thats what usually determines what type it is... Usually if you show improvement or any type of relief from the blocks its SMP.. ... (32 replies)

... Ask your doc if it only stays in one place and doesn't spread, then how can he explain a vast majority of people with rsd that have it full body? *snorts* See how he handles that one! LOLOLOL Hugs, Karen (32 replies)
... Tigerlily.. I am so sorry it took this long to get back to your question.. I've been working full time the past couple weeks so I don't get on here as much as I would like to... To answer your question about the lidocaine working for SIP.. I've met pts who had one or the other.. and Yes. It has helped them.. I met a lady who's had RSD for over 22 yrs.. She finally... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily Your dr is right about the lidocaine infusion.. They do come with Risk but the risk is low. and you are monitored very closely. I can see when he means by last resort.. I've bad a lot of treatments blocks meds etc.. I'll tell you.. none of them worked.. Not one.. only the lidocaine infusion.. I guess its his job to try other things first before that...... (32 replies)
... Karen, Thank you for all your information -- It is very helpful. I've come to realize that doctors give the options, but man oh man, it's difficult to decide. I wonder what my doctor will do tomorrow when I see him. At my last visit, he discussed blocks -- Even those scare me because I don't want spread. I guess I'm just afraid, period. Fear is so awful, and I've got... (32 replies)
... Well...first off, there is NO risk of becoming an addict. Getting addicted to pills of any kind can only happen if you don't have pain and taking them gives you a "high" or any kind of altered state of mind. Since I know for a fact none of us ever get high taking any pain med, then there will not be any addiction problem. Now, to use the proper terms, we become physically... (32 replies)
... Tigerlilly, I called my RSD doc this past Monday and he got back today and we played phone tag all day so should hear from him tomorrow. Not sure what will be offered, and it is very frightening reading about all the complications from our options. I definitely want to stay away from the scs -- I know it can work, as I've read on here from people who had success with it but... (32 replies)
... Great idea with the vitamins! Taking them at the same time with everything else will definitely interfere with the absorption of them and probably haven't given you much benefit as a result. Taking them at least 2 hours after is your best bet. Most people probably don't know when you take iron pills, they shouldn't be taking them with calcium as this pretty much renders the... (32 replies)
... Karen, You are so nice - thanks so much for your reply. I took your advice and ate some saltines this morning instead of gulping down my pills with coffee and running out the door. It definately helped. I also put my vitamins in my pocket and will take them a little later instead of mixing them with everything else. Scio Lady - good luck with your contraption - I hope... (32 replies)
... Meds will mess with the tummy for sure! Sorry all of you are in so much pain from the weather.....snow....brrrrrrrr. Do you eat when you take your meds? I try and make sure I get something in me that will help "absorb" the meds so to speak. I'm not big on eating till a few hours after I wake up so if nothing else I eat crackers or lightly buttered toast, a biscuit if I have... (32 replies)
... The rep obviously didn't know a darn thing about rsd!!! Geez....keep it from spreading. Pffftttt Ah well......if they want to take it out then tell them, sure take the stupid thing out but don't think for a minute you'll be "repositioning" it and leaving it in there!!!!! Nope....far, far better to leave it out because "messing" with it won't accomplish anything and will lead... (32 replies)
... Hi Karen; I agreed to go ahead w/the neurostimulator because the company rep said, "it would keep the rsd from spreading in 99% of the time" - well, now...most days I have to turn the dang-gone thing down to near off as the "comforting vibration" they promised turns to a spiking jagging ....not near anything comforting ...stupid expensive machine; yeah, yeah, they reprogram... (32 replies)
... Hello again Tigerlily, I forgot something so I'm writing again. I was talking with my RSD doctor my last visit about the lidocaine infusions and he said he'd be willing to send me to an anestheologist to see if they would do one so I'm hopeful you're able to get more info and maybe have 1 done. Michelle swears by them. A flare for me is a very painful turn where I have to... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily, I'm sooo very sorry to hear that you're suffering so much. I've never had a block, but my pain has been very nasty for about 5 days now. I agree with you cuz I'm also scared about the scs -- So much can go wrong, plus the spread. I've been looking into the drug pump -- I dont know much about it but am interested in getting more info. Have you thought about... (32 replies)
... HI Michelle and Gaollan Thanks so much for your support..both of you have a lot of experience between you with RSD so I feel very fortunate to get your help ! I had a couple of questions on how you interpret flare.. For me, flare is when that terrible burning pain happens, when it feels like your feet/legs are in the that what a flare feels like to... (32 replies)
... I had mine done under fluoroscopy,live xray, so it didn't go astray. I believe this reaction is most likely due to the pain being SIP, Sympathetically Independent Pain. I also believe when the pain goes independent is when it's more likely to spread. Now, if only the ones researching would catch up with me! LOLOL Having SIP means you most likely won't get any kind of relief... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily, I am sorry to hear you had such a negative response with the block.. I had three of them also.. All of them would give me a flare up.. I don't know why.. but it did. I would experience the same thing when I would come home from PT.. I went for two yrs straight.. Everytime I would come home the pain would start... I kept telling the therapist.. He just... (32 replies)
... *Big Hugs* I'm sooooo sorry you're having such a bad time. I know how you feel though because I had a horrific time after the one and only block I had done. I should explain that the rsd was in both legs,feet,hip,hands,arms and tops of shoulders at the time. So....yeah, my whole freaking body felt as if it were being ripped apart. This went on for 2 months. 20+ pain level. I... (32 replies)

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