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... I had a third lumbar sympathetic nerve block yesterday...I had the first in August, the second in Septmeber and a third leg warmed up a bit after the block..I woke up this morning with a slight burn in the left foot and lower leg.... ... (32 replies)
... Thanks for everybody's help with my difficult time with my 3rd lumbar nerve block...Gaollan, thanks for your vast knowlege and willingness to share it with every topic under the are sooooo kind.. ... (32 replies)
... Thank you! I try to keep explanations simple. LOL I know about the block making things worse. Holy cow my experience was.....horrific! I was a wc case and they decided over a year into it that I HAD to get a block done. I didn't want to but they told me if I didn't, then I wasn't "cooperating" and they'd cut off my checks and docs. I wasn't getting any meds so... (32 replies)

... Thanks for your information !! It was so helpful knowing I wasn't the only one who had experienced a flare of terrible burning after a lumbar block..I just don't understand it physiologically...why would there be a flare if the nerve bundle is being doused with lidocain...I just don't get it... ... (32 replies)
... Hi I am scheduled for a third block in a few weeks (SGB since my RSD started in my shoulder) and my PM doc said he would start the lidocaine concurrently. I'm not sure I understand what will be involved, I need to call his office and find out how all this will work. The weather has been atrocious this winter in the NE, one flare just leads into another. I don't know... (32 replies)
... I am still having a lot of pain. It has been 2 weeks since I had my nerve block and I am having a hard time walking. I would start to feel better and as soon as I tried to clean my bathroom, it has left me hunched over in pain and unable to walk normal. I still havent been able to go back to work yet because of the pain. I finally hired a lawyer because of everything and I... (15 replies)
... I just had my third lumbar sympathetic block and it was the worst of all of them. ... (15 replies)
... Just wanted to say keep the people with the gentle hands, I went for a third consult last Thursday and I still hurt, they were mean. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Michelle, I'm so sorry about your fall. I can understand your fear about it coming back and I hope it doesn't. It's such a rollercoaster ride, isn't it? Be careful in that ice and snow...spring is coming :). Sharon :) (32 replies)
... Hey Karen, You said that so well.. That is how you determine it... I went for three blocks, not one of them did a thing.. If anything it made it worse... I think I was SIP right off the bat.. I know that SIP involves you SNS.. and my rsd came from herniated dics ... The dr had said. right away that I injured all the nerves going down the sides of my spine and the nerves... (32 replies)
... Thanks for bringing up the question about how to tell if it's SMP or SIP!! Of course, I ran off here and did some research to see if you could tell or not. all my glorified geekiness in doing what I's what I found. The answer is really, really simple too. I actually knew the answer already but just in case I was wrong...I looked. You know when the pain... (32 replies)
... Michelle, Thanks for posting in the midst of your busy busy life!!! I know you're working now and then you come home and take care of your own family!! You story is amazing and so is your strength. I will talk to my P.M. doc and ask her what she thinks about whether mine is SMP or SIP. I'm concerned that she may not know the answer. I'm also concerned she doesn't know... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily, Sorry it took so long to get back to you... The answer to your question regarding the lidocaine infusion.. Yes.. They do give this treatment to pts with SIP.. Thats the kind I have.. I had no response at all from the blocks.. Thats what usually determines what type it is... Usually if you show improvement or any type of relief from the blocks its SMP.. ... (32 replies)
... Ask your doc if it only stays in one place and doesn't spread, then how can he explain a vast majority of people with rsd that have it full body? *snorts* See how he handles that one! LOLOLOL Hugs, Karen (32 replies)
... Hi everybody, Thanks for all your help !!!! I, too, am certain that all of this sudden neuropathy is RSD related, especially since my brain MRI came back nagative. My new neuro doc has arranged for bloodwork; 2 hour glucose test, B12 count, metabolic analysis, lyme disease, etc. This doc is thorough, (even though he thinks that RSD is only regional and that's why it's... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily.. I am so sorry it took this long to get back to your question.. I've been working full time the past couple weeks so I don't get on here as much as I would like to... To answer your question about the lidocaine working for SIP.. I've met pts who had one or the other.. and Yes. It has helped them.. I met a lady who's had RSD for over 22 yrs.. She finally... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily Your dr is right about the lidocaine infusion.. They do come with Risk but the risk is low. and you are monitored very closely. I can see when he means by last resort.. I've bad a lot of treatments blocks meds etc.. I'll tell you.. none of them worked.. Not one.. only the lidocaine infusion.. I guess its his job to try other things first before that...... (32 replies)
... The EMG 's are not very friendly. I my self had them on both feet and shoulders. Not pretty. I have nerve change in my lower back that they say will effect my left knee but as of yet hasn't happened. I have a neuro doing a my rsd and a internal med doc handing out the pain meds. The numbness that is around the incision I was told is because a nerve was cut or nicked. Mine has... (32 replies)
... I looked up causes for neuropathy and listed,among others, is nerve damage,meds like lyrica,cymbalta,Duloxetine hydrochloride, Pregabalin and other meds. I must insert a caution here......if you're taking any of those meds it does not mean that it's the cause of the neuropathy. I'd suggest thinking hard about exactly when the neuropathy began. If it started after taking any... (32 replies)
... Tigerlily, Once my RSD got diagnosed, my doc wanted me to see a neurologist because I had some nerve damage in my left foot/ankle. I had lots of numbing in my foot (on the bottom, where my incision is) so that's why. The neurologist ordered a test called an EMG on both my legs -- Holy cow, it was NOT comfortable. At times, it was even painful. During the test, they kept... (32 replies)

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