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... I miss them working, but my PM dr said my pain has probably progressed and no longer just the sympathetic nerve pain. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for everybody's help with my difficult time with my 3rd lumbar nerve block...Gaollan, thanks for your vast knowlege and willingness to share it with every topic under the are sooooo kind.. ... (32 replies)
... The EMG 's are not very friendly. I my self had them on both feet and shoulders. Not pretty. I have nerve change in my lower back that they say will effect my left knee but as of yet hasn't happened. ... (32 replies)

... Thanks for bringing up the question about how to tell if it's SMP or SIP!! Of course, I ran off here and did some research to see if you could tell or not. all my glorified geekiness in doing what I's what I found. ... (32 replies)
... Usually if you show improvement or any type of relief from the blocks its SMP.. Then they will direct the therapy at the sympathetic nervous system.. ... (32 replies)
... he's going to do a nerve test on my arm to check out my ulnar nerve .. ... (32 replies)
... try, the meds are starting to give me an upset stomach every morning...this is a total drag. I can't wait for spring, which for RI doesn't come until late April or early May. ... (32 replies)
... irst off, there is NO risk of becoming an addict. Getting addicted to pills of any kind can only happen if you don't have pain and taking them gives you a "high" or any kind of altered state of mind. Since I know for a fact none of us ever get high taking any pain med, then there will not be any addiction problem. ... (32 replies)
... here from people who had success with it but for me, no. I'm now even thinking a "no" on the lidocaine bit just because I know our bodies don't like being poked or prodded. I will see what my doctor says but I'm thinking that meds are better than procedures for me right now. ... (32 replies)
... s and they should also be taken on a empty stomach as well. It's recommended to take them in the morning and waiting for a couple of hours before eating anything or take them at night before bed. I've been anemic all my life and it got a lot worse when I was pregnant. I learned quickly all about iron. ... (32 replies)
... sure I get something in me that will help "absorb" the meds so to speak. I'm not big on eating till a few hours after I wake up so if nothing else I eat crackers or lightly buttered toast, a biscuit if I have them. I don't know if you drink coffee or not.... ... (32 replies)
... I'm baffled as to why the heck there was so much time between blocks!!! They're supposed to be given at the rate of 1 or 2 a week, depending on the doc and also depending on the doc and the patients reaction will do 3 min to how ever many as long as it's working. ... (32 replies)
... I will talk to my P.M. doc and ask her what she thinks about whether mine is SMP or SIP. I'm concerned that she may not know the answer. ... (32 replies)
... To answer your question about the lidocaine working for SIP.. I've met pts who had one or the other.. and Yes. It has helped them.. I met a lady who's had RSD for over 22 yrs.. She finally started the treatment the same time I have.. ... (32 replies)
... I know it's different for all of us, but I do hope that terrible burn pain subsides over keeps me from concentrating or thinking about anything else............ ... (32 replies)
... hey don't. All the SCS, pain meds.. blocks.. They are all just bandaids.. My opinion, they don't fix the problem.. I understand that we all need that bandaide or we wouldn't get through the day.. I just hate to read these post about all of you in pain. and here I am one of the lucky ones to get the lidocaine treatments. ... (32 replies)
RSD Coming back?
Dec 7, 2009
... I spent a great deal of time not being able to walk at all because of the pain. The Specialist then did 3 Nerve Block Injections spread out over several weeks. ... (6 replies)
... Does the spinal cord Stimulator halt the RSD or can it put it into remission? ... (39 replies)
Vitamin B & RSD
Dec 13, 2003
... The person writing this article was asking why their syptoms were different from others. Why it was that with blocks the sympathetic symptoms disappear but the pain doesn't. ... (42 replies)
... The "usual" treatment at the start is nerve blocks,meds and pt if needed. Nerve blocks are used to numb the nervous system essentially and hope it brings pain relief. They are good when the pain is still sympathetically maintained. ... (12 replies)

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