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... I have a couple questions that I hope you can help me with. Tigerlily11 and Lissa I'm taking advantage of your offer, I hope this is not too much.... ... (19 replies)
... Hello TigerLily; hope u're out there somewhere. Hope u're doing well; well as can be expected. You gave me more hope than anyone anywhere ever did since i've been diagnosed with rsd. It's now almost a yr. later; I've been thru the relocation of the scs to my stomach which scares me to death daily. I've also had to have it replaced as it "popped" out of the pocket in my... (39 replies)
... HI ~~~ Thanks so much for your post. I don't know how you are able to keep working, I really don't. I am off my feet most of the day and never wear shoes unless I go to the doctor, etc. I will say at least I can tolerate the Sketcher's until I get there and then back home. I might even take them off while AT the doctors, but he is used to it now. What store did they... (55 replies)

... Michelle i would love my ortho Dr. to meet you. He is so ignorant to RSD. He says RSD doesn't spread and that it only was documented once in the 1960's! He also says how it is not chronic that is just gets better and goes away! He has no clue. I am looking for documentation/articles to take in for my next visit. Donna (65 replies)
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May 26, 2009
... yeah i do thank god!!! cause reading alot of peoples stories it sounds like its hard to find a doctor will treat you right. i did go thru alot of pain though before finding this doctor about 2 years of being treated like i was a drug addict and being told the pain was in my head and at one point i started believing they were right and thinking possibly it was in my head and... (12 replies)
... Goallan and tigerlily11, thanks for such a quick reply. I have been to many doctors and none of them want to help me except for my foot doc, he is the best I've got right now, but he is just a foot dr. and at least he cares and helps me with my pain. I went to a pain clinic last year before I was diagnosed with fibro, and all they did was want to stick me in the back and they... (23 replies)
... Awww shucks! LOL Thank you so much for the kind words. It really does make me feel good. :) I do know you are all there for me as well. I always feel as if I need to be the one doing the helping and never be the "helpee". LOL I know that's not a word, but I often like making my own. I am trying to to "get over" that part of me that feels I still have to suck it up. When... (17 replies)
... Dear Tigerlily11, Last few days have been rough and has kept me in the recliner that I sleep on. I tried to answer a post from Marcia last night or the night before. My fingers all 10 (admittedly, I only have 9 toes), started cramping and turning all kinds of directions. It hurt as badly as those muscle cramps in back of lower legs when pregnant. I could really rip out... (21 replies)
... Hi folks, Just wondering......Mine is a worker comp case too and of course must see their doctors and wait, wait, wait.... I was told that I can't use my own doctors for the RSD, etc because it is a worker comp case and must use THEIR this true?? Can I use my own health insurance (through my job) for the worker comp RSD??? OK. You live Cali. But I don't get... (14 replies)
... (14 replies)
... Just some thoughts, but not recommendations. I live Cali. WC case 11 years now. In past, and now, denied this and that, I used my own insurance Medi/Medi. I would receive letter from State asking if used own insurance for treatment that covered under WC. I said no if WC said won't cover it, and said yes if I did do it knowingly. What I have been told by a doc treating me... (14 replies)
... tigerlily11, I started with the rsd in my right hand.. Well it actually started from herniated dics.. but I didn't start with the RSD symptoms until it hit my right hand. I experienced burning in the palm., minor swelling, color change.. I felt like pin were in my finger tips.. In about one month in went to the left hand.. same symptoms.. The burning was horrible.. I... (65 replies)
... Tigerlily11, This treatment is so easy to go through.. I have RSD in all four extremities.. and this treatment is for all RSD.. doesn't matter when you have it.. All it is is an IV infusion..of lidocaine and they start you out slowly.. Each day the turn it up until you up to I think its 21 I can't remember.. Your start at about 8 depending on your weight.. In the... (65 replies)
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Nov 20, 2008
... Neurontin and the other drugs like it can help the burn,zaps and the "regular" pain all at the same time. Like each person is different,so are the meds we take and what it helps or doesn't help. One person can take neurontin and it helps the burning but nothing else, the next one burns but has less or no more zapping, the next has burning and zapping and it only helps the pain... (5 replies)
... Dear tigerlily11, As Chris said in a few msgs above yours that she sees a Physiatrist. When I was first diagnosed, my husband got on his computer and got as much info about RSD as he could. One of the tips was to see a Physiatrist for the RSD. We had to go to another state, but it was well worth the help we've received. If there isn't a support group in your area,... (6 replies)
... THANK YOU TIGERLILY11 and THANK YOU GAOLLAN It meant the world to me to see that 2 caring people in this world understood and wished me well. I wish the same for you may your days be filled with less pain and more love! hkaci75 (6 replies)
... Tigerlily11, I've not had a block yet, but if I ever need one, I'll know what to expect. You did a great job at explaining it. I've noticed since reading these boards, that some get more relief from them than others -- Just like everything else being different outcomes for all of us. I noticed that you are working. I work too, 3 hours a day in a classroom. Just got... (6 replies)

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