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... Looks like that they are having opposite effect. Although I guess it all has to do with age, menopausaul, etc..... Lyrica is still new out there, and my PCP, who specializes in diabetes, was against me trying the drug out when I posted the thread is Lyrica better than Neurontin! ... (41 replies)
... and chat in messenger or something... lol I am just going to respond to some of the stuff you guys have said. It's too hard to keep straight which of you said what ... ... (35 replies)
... you are so sweet, barb, and thank you so much! remember, though, to never compare your situation negatively against another's, because pain is pain and it is miserable all the same. don't feel bad for feeling overwhelmed, as i am sure at that moment you do feel overwhelmed regardless of the circumstances. ... (35 replies)

... Hmmm. So you had better results on Lyrica. That's interesting. When I ran Lyrica by docs they said that it is in the form of Neurotten. ... (41 replies)
... I posted recently about Lyrica saying that I started it at 75 mg and quit taking my other drugs cold turkey. Wrong. ... (41 replies)
... I think i was probably one of the first on the board to try Lyrica...I too was on the neurontin...and for the horrid side affects couldnt take it....Ive been pn lyrica about a month and a half...have notice a dramatic and i mean DRAMATIC reduction in the burning stabbing pain we all love so much. ... (41 replies)
... Lyrica is a new drug, made by the same people as neurontin, that was developed with nerve pain in mind. I was on neurontin for about one year. ... (41 replies)
... Laura I'm glad that the lyrica is working well for you. ... (9 replies)
... that just surprises me! I saw my OS today and we had a good talk. He said he called his Lyrica drug rep specifically about me, and they thought this would be a good change from 1200 mg daily of Neurontin. ... (41 replies)
... about Lyrica, thanks to the people on this board. He said that he has already tried it on some of his paitients and some are getting better relief. My husband is going to switch from the Neurontin to it, and see if it makes any difference. ... (41 replies)
... It is similar to RSD in that it happens when chronic pain isn't treated for a long period of time. In my case it was about 2 years. ... (35 replies)
... have adverse effects on your body. The only thing I look for is whether this drug will improve the quality of my life or reduce the pathology of something that is wrong with me, such as lowering cholesterol or high blood pressure. ... (35 replies)
... Our experiences with the two drugs depend on the individual. I had the runs on neurontin and didnt with Lyrica, but the memory ditzy thing is worse on the lyrica with me! BUt it is the only side effect, I have to think harder! LOL I am studying at Uni whilst on this!!! Yes the memory thing does not help! ... (41 replies)
... Also, what helps the ditzy feeling and how long does it last. ... (41 replies)
... My dr. just gave me a sample of Lyrica to try, but told me not to get my hopes u, because her other patients with nerve pain have not had any success with it. ... (35 replies)
... I don't know whether it is stated somewhere above this level but I learned that the difference in Lyrica and Neurontin is that Lyrica operates at the Spinal level, preventing pain messages from getting to the brain. I guess you could say it operates a little like a block. ... (41 replies)
... of my usual dosage of other drugs. Then take 150 Lyrica and cut to half of my other drugs. After two weeks, we will analyze the situation. Have done that today and am not dizzy. We shall see. Laura. ... (41 replies)
... I have now been on Lyrica for about a week. I get the high feeling, to top it off, my heart punds and skips a beat or 10 when I take it together with Hydrocodone... ... (41 replies)
... Wow, Robert, that is great news about your wife! My husband has been on methadone, and started the Lyrica yesterday. ... (41 replies)
... been reading to post on lyrica. my pm dr gave me lyrica in april of this year. he wanted me to try it for 2 wks. i had no noticable side effects except i was extremely tired but i stay like that alot anyway. ... (35 replies)

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