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Dear Winterviolet,

You seem like a very articulate & honest person, and that you understand yourself very well. How did you do in school, grades, etc? I am just wondering. I am not asking about your socializing at school, as it seems clear that you didn't. I didn't feel safe to do that either.

My advice to you is [I]be your own best friend[/I].

That is always my advice. I was born into a family with money and prestige, but my father passed away when i was just five, and my mom was very emotionally challenged so she reverted back to her childhood experience and I learned early on to not 'exist'. I did not feel I fit in anywhere, so I lived within my own head in ways similar to what you did to survive. However in my 30's I realized that most or at least MANY if not most people are unsure of themselves, don't feel they fit in and so they hide themselves. In fact the ones that are the loudest or most obnoxious about who they are almost always are the [I]most insecure[/I]. Our family was moved from a big city to a very small community, and small towns really can be the worst for social ignorance and downright meanness. I was quiet and shy so I grew up feeling like there was something wrong with me, when what was really wrong was society and whole families that acted like they were better than other families, esp depending on how much money they had or didn't have. Unfortunately this attitude is an all too common human trait that has a negative impact on unsuspecting and developing children, as it did to me and also to you. I think we then grow up thinking there is something unusual or strange about us when really it has more to do with how we were treated by other people. Your understanding and recognition is mature and articulate. I think you do know what is going on. But thta you did as most children, and assumed it was about you. I think it was all about how you were treated.

I also believe that we can let ourselves face the pain and degradation of it and forgive (for our own sanity's sake), and move on in developing our unique talents and our lives.

In my 30's, I found a therapist that merely taught me to relax and open up, which I did with his expert & attentive help and I realized we human beings are not so different at all. We all have insecurities, and we all can learn to accept ourselves and to choose who to be involved with and in what manner. Not all people are 'safe' people, as you well know. It depends on how accepting they are of their own humanity and what kind of belief system they choose. I chose to believe in a good and just God that made me who I am, in the family into which I was born, and that we each have unique and inherent value, and that it is up to each one of us to be the best self we can be, and to treat ourselves and others the way we would like to be treated.

That is a decision only we can make for our own selves. You can heal. You can let go of the past, you can go confidently into your present life and so also into the future.

You are important to me. You ARE someone.
Bless you sweetheart!
I did very well in school without much effort. I did particularly well in science which is why I chose Chemistry as my major in college. Surprisingly, when I finally got to college I did my best when I was in a total psychotic episode. Somehow it brought life to my papers I wrote and allowed me to think in a very abstract way. My professors seemed to look forward to my projects. Eventually however, I ended up in the hospital too many times and was forced to quit school just shy of my bachelors degree because I was misdiagnosed as having depression and the medication they put me on made my symptoms worse. It took me 20 years to finally get a correct diagnosis and until recently have just been riding the wave of lifeís ups and downs with a lot of twists and turns. I found myself choosing all the wrong friends who only would use me because I was always willing to help out other people in need because, in a way, it helped me cope with the fact that I had issues bigger than I would admit at the time. Now, Iím finally trying to commit to staying on medication and counseling so that one day I can finish school and live the life I always wanted for myself. Healing in itself is a long process and I believe Iíve been working on it for so long by myself that Iíve developed some very realistic ways to cope with Schizophrenia but I also realize that I canít do it alone anymore. Iíve opened up to my family about my mental illness and Iím slowly learning to accept what I canít change. Itís been a hard and lonely road but I can finally see that there is light at the end and the path to understanding myself is becoming more clear. Iím happy to say that Iím now a proud person who happens to have schizophrenia and not a just a schizophrenic person. Mental issues have been a blessing in some aspects of my life and in others it has hindered me, but from the pebbles left behind Iím slowly building my life back and at the end I will be the best version of myself. Through my faith in myself and a power greater than myself I know there is hope.
Love and light my friend. 🎃. Happy fall days to you

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