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Opaque Mindedness
May 9, 2021
I feel like I cannot see things clearly. I feel like I am at a loss of contact with reality. I hope this will change soon. I have been on antipsychotic medication for almost four continuous years. Before that, I was also continuously on antipsychotic medication, but I was always looking for ways to get out of taking it or reducing it. Anyway, now that I have been truly med-compliant for almost four years, I am looking forward to seeing things clearly. I hope so, at least. I just feel like whenever I go on forums, I cannot differentiate between things that I read and see. I feel like I am not seeing things the way they really are. This is part of my Schizophrenia, I know. But I just wish I could see things clearly. I think it's peculiar how my mind is unclear and so is my vision. I need to wear prescription glasses just to [I]physically[/I] see things clearly. If I am not wearing my glasses, I cannot physically see things clearly. It's only a slight difference, however. I figure my antipsychotic medication, if I stay on it long enough and then continue to stay on it, will enable me to see things clearly mentally.

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