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Well, you have to get get a blood test every week for the first month or so. Then its every two weeks to see if you are developing a white blood cell disease. With our son who was 21 his heart rate went up to close to 120 at resting. You also run the risk of developing tardive dyskonesia, neurolyptic malignant syndrome among many others. One bad side effect no one talks about is pscychogenic polydipsia. That is where you have a craving for water constantly. Some have said that occurs in schizophrenia patients up to 17% of the time. I think the antipsychotic meds to treat the schozophrenia are the culprit. I believe some of the receptor sites in the brain related to thirst are affected by the meds. There is a case that a person developed psychogenic polydipsia after a traumatic brain injury which to me shows that it is damage to the brain which causes the condition. As Chlozaril is very effective in blunting the higher brain activity in the frontal lobe to subdue symptoms it is the same as injuring the brain. It is simply a chemical lobotomy - how convenient.

Chlozaril is very expensive - probably $5 to $10 a tablet - no wonder its called the gold standard. In my opinion you should only be on these meds, including seroquel, for only a short period of time to allow yourself to recover from what caused the symptoms to surface. Using them long term changes your brain chemistry and then you have to try other meds to get the same result. Please read Dr. Peter Breggin's book - Your Drug may be your problem. He gives good advice on getting off these powerful meds that don't cure anything - they just blunt the symptoms.

Why don't you also consider takinig Omega 3 fatty acid suplement which you can find in health food stores as well as vitamin B3 - niacin. Symptoms have diminished for some schizophrenics taking these supplements just as good as any antipsychotic. However, the drug rep will not tell your doctor that little fact. Your doctor is probably very dependent on that drug rep to tell him what to prescribe. Am I cynical? You bet I am after what we've been through.

One study showed there is much less incidence of schizophrenia iin Japan than New Zealand. The reason the study concluded was the higher intake of fish with its high amounts of Omega 3 versus New Zealand where they eat more land animals. Cattle fed corn to fatten them up are high in Omega 6 but low in Omega 3. Omega 3 is essential for cell membrane health among other things.

Try to find grass fed beef if you can which is higher in Omega 3 or learn to like sardines or take fish oil tablets. Good luck and do a lot of research - the only person you can really depend on is yourself to find the right answer.


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