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A friend of mine (24 year old female) took two respirdal and one prozac a day for a year following her doctors recomendation. He didn't say what, if any, illness she had. She's wondering if she's schizophrenic or something else. The doc said the resperdal was because she thinks too much and that her capacity in her mind is much more than the reality of her actions. Also so she could concentrate better. After a year the same doc said she was much better from the resperdal. The prozac was to make her feel happy. But she still doesn't feel any more happy than she did a year ago. She wants to know how she can feel happy. She says she feels happy and free when she's alone (even before the prozac), but around people she doesn't feel happy or free. So the two questions are how can she feel happy and what could her illness be? Thanks!
hi there im not a doctor but i no the respiridal just stops racing thoughts you dont have to be a schitzaphrenic to be taking the m paul uk liverpool
I think if your friend isn't "happy", or receiving benefit from the prozac then she should try another anti-depressant. There are dozens out there. I personally take celexa, 60mg, every day, and it has helped with my depression and suicidal thoughts very well.

I am afraid to hazzard a guess on what your friend's illness is. That is really the domain of a good psychiatrist. They can be worth their weight in gold if you can find a good one.

Hope this helps,


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