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Psychosis NOS
Dec 27, 2003
My hubby was diagnosed with Psychosis NOS, does anyone know exactly what this is? Schizophrenia runs in family. Worried!
Re: Psychosis NOS
Dec 28, 2003
The term NOS means "not otherwise specified". The doctor does not know what kind of psychosis he has or can't find it in the DSM IV book.

Schizophrenia has not proven to be genetic. Families, however, can have emotional trauma or abuse which can cause problems in more than one family member.

Has your husband been under a lot of stress? If he or a counselor can resolve the stress issue the problem may dissolve. He should be very careful in taking anti-depressants or anti-psychotics. Those can sometime compound the problem. In any even they should be for short-term use to help a person get through a difficult time. Long term uses poses high risk of serious side effects.
Re: Psychosis NOS
Dec 29, 2003
Hi Mike,
Thanks for the post. I should have been a bit more specific, hubby has alot of the symptoms of schizophrenia, as well as bi-polar, schizoaffective, and a few others i can't remember.
I think that is why his dr. is sending him for MRI. I just hope they get him on something to releave his suffering soon. I wish there was something i could do to help him.

Well thanks again, I'll let you know what we find out from MRI.
Re: Psychosis NOS
Dec 30, 2003
I've had this diagnosis for a several years; it was initially given to me when I entered the mental health system in L.A. Near as I can figure it is a catch-all diagnosis for people with any non-specific type of psychosis (loss of touch with reality). I know my docs were reluctant to label me with schizophrenia so early on and they used this diagnosis to justify treatment costs & meds. Hope this helps and good luck to both of you.

Re: Psychosis NOS
Jan 4, 2004
Don't worry too much, Canada has an excellent health service compared to over here (Britain) Just give your husband the support he needs, if he gets into a psychotic state, do NOT look him in the eye, calm him down and call the doctors if it gets worse.

Just be very supportive and only talk about the problems he is having if he wants to, people don't like being reminded constantly that they have a mental illness.

Support, tender loving care and making sure he still goes out on social outings (not a good thing to loose all friends because of your mental illness)

Best wishs to you and your husband.

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