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Well, I haven't taken both medications, but I'm currently on seroquel and my boyfriend was on Geodon last year.

Seroquel has worked wonders for me. It cut out delusional thinking entirely (or, at least I think it did... which raises quite an issue, doesn't it? ;) ) and eliminated almost all of my OCD idiosyncracies. I take it at night, and it knocks me right out, but I can still wake up in the morning, provided I take it at least 7-8 hours before I have to get up. The only problem I've noticed is that I have almost no ability to stand high temperatures any more, but, hey, it gets me out of a lot of stuff I'd rather not do anyway, you know?

Geodon, however, was the exact opposite for my boyfriend. There wasn't a single symptom he had that it didn't make worse, and there were several new ones that it gave him. His doctor originally started him on Geodon to treat his bipolar disorder, which was very severe, but it made him schizophrenic. It also made him so tired that no matter when he took it, if he sat down for more than a few minutes, he'd fall asleep. He used to only hallucinate or have delusional thinking while he was manic, but now he has delusions, hallucinations, and voices in his head all the time. The constant parnaoia is driving him insane, as is his almost total apathy and complete withdrawal. He stopped taking it, even though his doctor and family didn't believe him about the worsening of his symptoms. At first, the symptoms seemed to go away and lighten up a bit, but now they are back, and he cannot afford health care.

Now, keep in mind, these are just the experiences of two random people known to have weird side effects from any and all medications, so don't take what I've said for gospel. However, if anyone out there has had a similar reaction to Geodon, I'd be very thankful if they'd tell me about it!

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