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Yikes :eek: Those are some scary hallucinations. I myself never saw aliens but I was delusional enough to think that they were watching me. As for the undead I saw them all the time. My two main hallucinations were seeing dismembered bodies next to people and seeing my older sister's stuffed animals and dolls change facial emotions. The toys ranged anywhere from friends, to witches and to gods. They often smiled, frowned, glared or laughed depending what I said to them. It always seemed that the more alone, the more I would hallucinate.

It means totally on alert- always tense and on edge. I'm not sure I got the spelling right though.

Yes I know 'her' from real life. It's a teacher. She really hurt me last year. It's at a really bad state- panic attacks, etc. I can't hear her name. I couldn't even touch things that reminded me of 'her'. Ridiculous things, but that is definately not skitzephrenia. The hallucinations though were terrifying because I really had seen her. They were nothing like when I just jumped and thought it could be her- this was definately 'her' although of course it wasn't.

The only bad one I've had though was that one with 'her' just standing there, so clear. She didn't fade at all. It was so scary. She just stared at me.

Take care xXx
Something that may be beneficial for me to share. When I came home (both times) from the hospital after delivering my children (both c-sections) I was on pretty strong pain killers. That, plus lack of sleep, gave me nightmares so scary that I was afraid to go to sleep. Never had I experienced such vivid, scary dreams. So it is definitely a factor of sleep deprivation. If you are not getting enough quality sleep, your neurons are not firing correctly and could be causing a lot of your hallucinations. Try to get some quality, Natural sleep (no sleeping pills) and see how you do. If you can't get all your sleep at night, get a nap in - even 15 min will benefit you.
Is it scary because they are hallucinations or is it scary because you are scared of bugs and snakes? I had a friend who was an engineer and he saw bugs and black blobs in his vision. I tried to tell him it was a vitamin B12 deficiency, since he was vegan for so long. It might not be a vitamin B12 deficiency but it is something to look into. Visual hallucinations are very normal experiences that can happen as a result of taking pyschotropic drugs, even if you discontinued them, certain medications, or sleep deprivation and disruptance. I believe sleeping aids as well can cause visual hallucinations, since they disrupt the normal dream cycle. Episodes of sleep paralysis are often accompanied by visual hallucinations. Improving diet, sleep quality and habits along with cleansing if drugs or medications have been used may be of benefit to people suffering from visual hallucinations. I think the first thing people should do if they are having visual hallucinations is see a sleep doctor, and not a psychiatrist.

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