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Hi, I was diagnosed with OCD and Schizophrenia a few years back.
My main Symptom is that I hear voices in my mind, not with my ears and they are very nasty.I dont know if these are classified as hallucinations.
I am a Christian and I believe that it is satan planting his evil thoughts in my mind. He talks to me and we have a dialogue. Please help me. Am I truely schizophrenic or do I just have OCD or both. Can anyone relate?
Sounds like you may have both, sounds pretty scary--how are you coping? Have you been to see a doc. about your feelings? You are not alone---what you are going through is very tough but you can get through it, go and see your doctor and explain. Hope you are doing well,
You can beat this and get your life back!
opinions vary,
I frequently hear voices in my mind (not through my ears). They tell me things to do, sometimes helpful stuff like put your seatbelt on or don't eat that or don't forget to pack that. They also call me names: stupid, fatty, loser, idiot, etc. If I don't do what they say there is a big meeting between all of us and my head becomes loud and confusing until I either do what they want to tell them no and mean it.

I have experienced auditory hallucinations too - voices through my ears, but with the Seroquel those went away.

Hope this helps,


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