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Prometheus, my uncle has schizophrenia and the drugs he is on do not make him mumble, drool or stare into space. When my uncle is not on his drugs, he talks to himself, sees things that are not there and thinks his parents were Russian spies. When he takes his medication he is the fun, free-spirited uncle I have always known. It is sad that you feel people in society only care about themselves. It sounds like you don't have much support in your life from family or friends. My uncle has the support of our whole family and we do love him very much regardless of what you say.
He was off of his medication for a year. So I think after that amount of time when he is still accusing my grandparents of being Russian spies that it is not the effect of the medication considering he thought that about them before he was ever put on medication in the first place. I never mentioned anything about his quality of life. Only he can say what his quality of life is but as his family we do everything we can to be there for him when he needs us and love and support him in the decisions he makes in his life. I am not here to debate, by your post it just came across to me that you think no one cares about people with schizophrenia and that we only care how it effects us and I just want people to know that most people don't feel that way and they are not far and few inbetween. Thanks for listening about my uncle. Take Care.

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