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[quote]Promethius, if schizophrenia does not exsist what is it that has made my brother so scared and paranoid of everything and everyone.[/quote]

Schizophrenia exists the way Drapetomania exists. Get it. Yes, slaves run away. Yes, whipping them deters them from running away, but that doesn't mean slaves run away because their minerals aren't flowing and whipping gets stagnant minerals flowing again. Neuroleptics hinder the thought process. Neuroleptics damage the brain. Neuroleptics stopping undesirable behaviors or thoughts does not mean that there was a disease, or that dopamine was normalized.

[quote]It is an illness of some sort, that is for sure. The illness is in his head. What should we call it.[/quote]

When you have a cough, a symptom, and you go to the doctor, you don't expect to be diagnosed with "coughing disorder". Sometimes coughs can be caused by a cold, sometimes influenza, sometimes bronchitus, or something else entirely. Without knowing your brother, or what he has been through, I can't say. Sometimes people have beliefs that are different, irrational, or out of the ordinary. In fact, everyone does. Maybe you should deal with why your brother's beliefs bother you so much so that you consider he has an illness. Work on dealing with it better, so that you can be there for him in a more supportive way.

Look, I can take you, a "normal" thinking, believing human being, and subject you to a few weeks of mental persuasion (torture) and have you come out, honestly believing that you are a cat, or something similarly absurd. People's beliefs are malleable and they are not based on what is and isn't "rational" to believe. Through selective experience you can change a person's beliefs. It's a dark art that psychiatrists aren't even good at, and not something that is necessary in most cases. Without knowing your brother I can't tell where his paranoia, his fear, his beliefs are coming from. I don't know if he has had a physical or mental trauma, or if he disassociated. I don't know if he has done drugs, such as marijuana. It goes like this:

Feelings--->thoughts----> beliefs

Sometimes people have beliefs to rationalize feelings that they have. It is best to look at these beliefs metaphorically. If someone believes they are being followed by the FBI, it is a metaphor for the way they are feeling, because that belief is used to rationalize a feeling that has no identifiable origin. These feelings can be a product of emotional trauma, repressed memory, inability to communicate with others when others have harmed them, and physical trauma: drugs, lack of minerals, vitamins, etc. Mineral deficiencies can have a profound affect on emotions, feelings, and beliefs.

Moreover you can't change or stop these types of beliefs through the rational mind. Which is why you can get frustrated with people who have these kinds of beliefs.

[quote]The worst thing about scizophrenia is the one that has it thinks there way of thinking is right and everyone else is crazy. Like they are a stranger in a strange world. My brother has got an illness of some sort, call it what you want.[/quote]

Everyone thinks they are right... some more than others.

You keep insisting he has an "illness". You keep insisting I am wrong...or rather you are right.

[quote]While the rest of us go on with life he is stuck in his own lonely world away from society.[/quote]

I am sure your subjective view of the world is not representative of reality. You do not have a disease. You are a human being.

[quote]The topic we are discussing is on shizophrenia and religion. I do agree it was terrible what happened to the jews in WW2 and slavery was also terrible.[/quote]

Look a bit closer and you will see the point of why I brought up the holocaust. You think it was terrible what happened to the jews but I wasn't focusing on the jews. Do you have a comment on what happened to the mental patients or does that not even bother you? These were normal people by today's standards. Are they somehow less than human because they are called mental patients? Psychiatry believes so. This was the definition of schizophrenia in 1930:

“the unsociable, cold-hearted, indecisive... bull-headed oafs, malicious tyrants, queer cranks, overpedantic schemers... prudish ‘model children’... daydreamers ... emotional inadequacy ... sudden surges of temperament ... inappropriate motor response [to stimuli]... crankiness."

Which one is your brother?

[quote]I do believe today things are much better. We as a planet still have a lot to overcome before it is perfect. Everyone needs to do there part, not just the whites or blacks or asian.[/quote]

There are so many horrors in this world. You don't know. Has it gotten better? I can't say. The past, present, is all the same. If you think there is not going to be another're mistaken. Yes, I agree. Everyone has a responsibility to recognize evil in their own hearts, and deal with it appropriately.

[quote]What exactly are your views on scizophrenia and religion? have you been diagnosed with scizophrenia?[/quote]

Psychiatry has pitted itself against religion since it became a eugenics program, atleast. The modern model, definition of the schizophrenic sets itself up nicely to include people who have had spiritual or religious experiences, or who have a religious or spiritual calling.

No I have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia. When I was younger I went to a psychologist for something that could have definitely gotten me a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I am very grateful for this person in my life. If I were diagnosed with schizophrenia, I wouldn't be who I am today.

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