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[quote]religion is based upon fear ,fear of the mysterious ,fear of death.religion is a
disease born of fear .Religion equals racism,sexism,self hatred,exploitation,slavery,war and so on .I do feel very sorry for people
who think they can talk to god and I wish that they could see the truth that
there is no god , it's impossible to hear someone that is not there .
Religion is the biggest tragedy of human kind .[/quote]

Hi Peter,

Interesting enough, Psychiatry promotes everything you oppose. Psychiatry believes in mysterious, and non existent things like "chemical imbalances" and "schizophrenia". Psychiatry promotes Self Hatred when they define the soul/psyche as biologically predetermined.

Sexism when they pathologize women. Sexism when they call women's emotions "Hysteria" and remove the uterus, female castration (because otherwise the uterus would move all around the body causing "hysteria"). Surgical female castration is still called a "hysterectomy". Electro Shock "therapy" and "psychosurgery" are twice as likely to be performed on female "patients" than male patients. Females are more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness than males suffering the same "symptoms". Males are given the benefit of the doubt. Females are "ill" and suffering from a "disease" of the mind (which only well bred, intellectual white men can cure). Sexism when they call women "feeble minded".

Racism when they said blacks suffered from "negritude". Racism when they said blacks liked being slaves. Racism when they said a black person's personality and attitude is naturally submissive, that they needed to be taken care of, that they needed slavery, and that they would fall under "lunacy" if they had to take care of themselves. Racism when they said black slaves who ran away suffered from a disease called "drapetomania" the cure of which is to "whip the hell out of them" (to get the minerals in the blood flowing, of course). Racism when they came up with the "IQ" test, to determine the inferiority of blacks. Racism when they said minorities were "feeble minded" and had an "instinct" to be submissive to white men. Racism when, in 1992 they tried to find a "violence" gene among african americans. Racism when 18 newly born infants, of which 17 were black, were injected with radioactive plutonium. Also radioactive iodine was injected into hundreds of black poor pregnant women while receiving prenatal care at public health centers. Racism when The National Institutes of Health (a heavy financer of psychiatry) plans to drug 100,000 black children it labels as "genetically prone". Racism when only black inmates were experimented on with LSD in 1970, by psychiatry. Psychiatrists diagnose African American men in public and private mental hospitals as having schizophrenia at a rate of up to 1,500 percent higher than white men. African Americans are given significantly higher doses of psychiatric drugs, major tranquilizers, and neuroleptics than are whites.

Exploitation when psychiatric institutions hire head hunters to kidnap people simply because they have insurance. Exploitation when they pay psychiatrists to refer people who have insurance to their institutions. Exploitation when they usurp the judicial system, kidnap people against their will, hold people hostage, and force drugs and dangerous life threatening, mentally destructive (brain damaging) "treatments" on them before they even see a court room. Exploitation when they force expensive "treatments", such as ECT, that have never helped anyone, on people who have insurance simply because it is lucrative and it makes money. The elderly are frequent victims of this practice. Right now, there are 70 year old women and men in psychiatric institutions recieving electro shock therapy twice a week against their will. Exploitation when they send head hunters after the elderly simply because of medicare.

Slavery when leading psychiatrists such as Jose Delgado say that people who don't fit a certain "norm" should be "surgically mutilated" or when leading psychiatrists such as Pinkleton suggest that children with educational difficulties should undergo "some form of legalized euthanasia."

Psychiatry gave Europe the Holocaust and World War...likely the darkest times humanity has faced.


There is no cure for schizophrenia because it doesn't exist. It is a tenet of the religion called Psychiatry and it only exists in the minds of believers.

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