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I think that chronic distortion of perception is a behavioral indicator of what in current psychiatry is considered to be psychosis, which reflects or at least "mimics" a characteristic underlying biochemical distortion or disorder associated with the schizo...bipolar spectrum.
Making total generalizations from exaggerated perceptions at least begs the question of whether the line bothrops referred to has been crossed.
In today's society this is tolerated if not popular at mass media levels, ie the more controversial commentators, evangelists, etc. If I'd have put a :rolleyes: sarcastic icon after my remark, would you have thought "oh, he's really just being sarcastic and so isn't serious"? And when I didn't did you think that I did? Well, LOL, just a :rolleyes: can be such a fine line! Wow. Pretty thin, this line!
If a scary issue is involved, mass hysteria can result, and a whole bunch of bad things can result, eg the Holocaust. Which is hardly a fine line but might depend on one at an individual, psychological level.
So I appreciate the point about 'eugenics' run amok but also appreciate the point about NOT having an objective basis run amok. A sure-cure for the schizo...bipolar disorders would be a huge benefit to humankind. It certainly ranks with the others that have been recently developed. And, while I'm at it, I'd like to put in a pitch, an individual vote for the continuation of stem-cell research and development to that end.

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