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Re: Recovery
Dec 6, 2004
Another update on my son. He was only taking about 40 grams of vitamin C a day for about 5 weeks and he finally relapsed to the point where he was beginning to become delusional again, but last time it only took 10 days, so I think it is because he is taking so much niacin that he deteriorated more slowly this time, although I haven't seen any evidence that 18 grams is working better than 9 grams did. Last week on Sunday he was showing signs of being delusional and on Monday he started taking more vitamin C again, my husband made a deal with him and he has agreed to take the C for the whole month of December. After one day of reaching bowel tolerance the signs of delusional thinking were gone, but the negative symptoms were not affected, which is exactly the opposite of what happened the last time. But now after 7 days of at least 90 grams of C a day the negative symptoms are improving. For instance, today he was conversing with me and looking me in the eye.

If he won't stick to the program he will have to go on anti-psychotics again, but we are hoping that with the vitamins and the anti-psychotics together he will find a level of wellness in the normal range that he can maintain.

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