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Ive been hearing a lot about this. I think its possible that psychic powers may stem from schizophrenia. In fact, the definition of schizophrenia explains that what is going on inside the brain is ESP. Extra Sensory Perception. Commonly thought of as the ability to read minds and such, but the literal definition is just that a schizophrenic brain has a heightened system of sensory perception. In other words, the schizophrenic brain takes in more stimuli than the normal brain. This is what accounts for the hallucinations. I tend to think of it as an antenna that picks up more wavelengths than it is supposed to. Like if a radio tower started to pick up sounds from the surrounding environment. Like two people having a conversation at an outside cafe or the sounds of birds chirping in nearby trees.

Ive heard a lot that some people with schizophrenia claim that they can hear other peoples thoughts. That they can talk to them inside their head. Everyone does what is called "self talk" which is what you do when you are reading, or counting to yourself. Some schizophrenics can hear this self talk and talk to other people without using verbal communication. Its not like you walk around and hear these voices all day. It only happens when you are focused on one individual, and they become aware that you are inside their head. Once this happens, a simple blink of an eye, or hand gesture is associated with the thoughts going through the persons head and turn into a form of communication.

Before i realized i was schizophrenic, i thought i was the odd man out. I thought that everyone had the ability to talk to people inside their heads and maybe i was just a late bloomer. I would put a lot of meaning into things that had no meaning. For example, the song Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd. I thought they were singing about other people like me that were just finding out about this whole new world where people could communicate psychically. They were saying welcome to the real world, "the machine".

In the past couple years i have found that i am not the only one in the crowd who doesnt have these abilities, but i am the only one that does. Sometimes i find myself losing sleep because i cant stop talking inside my head. It is just too much fun. I think of things that normal people would never conceive possible. And sometimes i see little "animations" in my head that are incredibly funny. But its not like a hallucination. I dont actually see something in the real world that isnt actually there. Its like when you picture something in your head, but its on a totally different level. Its like you saw a really beautiful girl walking down the street earlier in the day and you are picturing her in your head as you try to go to sleep. Usually when you picture something in your head its like a single picture and doesnt move around much and doesnt last very long. I can picture things that are animated and in great detail. And things are happening all over the place and can last for a very long time. And i can pretty much turn it off whenever i want to.

If the original poster has any questions, i would be happy to answer them the best i can.

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