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Thanks for the link.

If I might be indulged for a minute while I go on a small rant: I do hope that these cutting-edge science experiments help people who are suffering from schizophrenia. However, it bothers me how much money the establishment is willing to spend on this high-tech genetic research, which I suspect will lead to new medications. These new medicines will be, like the ones already in use, very expensive and while I hope they will work, it bothers me that the establishment will spend money making crazy mice but doesn't take much of an interest in rehabilitation programs. Isn't it more important to get one homeless schizophrenic off the streets, to help one unemplyed schizophrenic find work, to get one uninisured schizophrenic medical coverage to help pay for medication, isn't all that more important than making mutant mice? I'm sure this recent experiment will be very lucrative to the reaserch team.

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