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Hi Lynn,

I'm sorry I didn't answer your post sooner, I didn't see that you had replied until now. My son first because delusional last November, but we had no idea what was going on. We kept wondering where he was getting such strange ideas from, and we couldn't figure out why when we explained logically why what he thought couldn't be true it was like hitting a brick wall. We didn't know what was going on until he became completely psychotic in April.

By the way, he is doing quite a bit better now, he seems to have reached a new level of wellness, especially in the area of negative symptoms (the positive symptoms were already gone as far as we could tell as long as he complied with the protocol). But he still doesn't think that there is anything wrong with himself and sometimes is uncooperative. It is extremely hard being the parent of a person with this problem.

By the way, my son is not on meds, we are using orthomolecular methods, which uses vitamins and diet, etc, and sometimes meds, too, but at low dosages. If your son wants to get off meds maybe he would be willing to try going to an orthomelecular doctor who would do tests to see what vitamins, minerals and amino acids, etc he had abnormally high or low levels on and put him on vitamins and probably dietary changes and after a while he would try gradually lowering the dosage of the meds to see if he could come off them. But since your son doesn't think he has a problem you would probably have the same trouble with lack of cooperation as now. But if he wants to come off the meds because he doesn't like the side effects maybe he would be willing to try the ortho methods instead of just quitting the meds without trying to do anything to correct his underlying problem. Some people have results just by eliminating a food allergen or taking niacin and vitamin C. How old is your son? Ours is 17.


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