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This sounds like OCD symptoms. My son has OCD symptoms with schizophrenia, too, but he just touches and moves things for no reason, and sometimes he puts his feet down very carefully in certain ways, just like we used to do when we were children and avoided stepping on cracks, or walked along a crack, things like that.

Why does this happen? Here is what I believe: I believe that "mental" illness is caused by biochemical imbalances in the body. As a person falls into illness each imbalance puts more stress on the body, and causes other imbalances, just like a house of cards falling down. This is why so often a sudden stress will cause a person to begin having symptoms-- They were already in a condition with the cards stacked up, so to speak, just waiting for the final stress to knock down the top card: the body could just barely keep things in balance enough to avoid symptoms. In my son's case, a mono infection was the stress that pushed him over to start the cards falling, and later another psychological stress that was caused by his other symptoms pushed the whole thing down. The OCD symptoms started in between these two events and gradually built up as he became more and more ill. Without the schizophrenia, maybe he would never have gotten the OCD symptoms. Same thing for your cousin. We are treating our son's psychosis with the orthomolecular approach, which uses natural supplements along with dietary changes and sometimes with medications and sometimes without. For the OCD symptoms our son is taking inositol, which is a form of niacin that the body can synthesize so it is not considered a vitamin, but they have found it useful in treating OCD symptoms. If you look at my other posts by clicking my name up above you can find a post that has the particulars of taking inositol for OCD symptoms. You build up over a period of several weeks to a dosage of 3 teaspoons 3 times a day. Once you reach that level it takes about 6 weeks for results. We are only on 2 teaspoons 3 times a day so I don't expect to know if it will work for a couple of months.

His OCD symptoms are always worse when his other symptoms are worse, even though he pretty much only has negative symptoms now, as far as we can tell, and even those are usually not too bad.

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