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Thank you Kime for your advice about inositol! The fact is, I'm not even sure I've OCD, because my thoughts are not "unwanted"...I DO create them, and I'm sort of torturing myself in thinking the most absurd situations/thoughts.
Also, I've no compulsions except constant reassurances that I'm not developing it's more pure obsessional; I don't know what to think, I've an horde of people around telling me I'm ok (in the sense that even if I'm feeling bad about the thoughts, I'm not going to develop something really serious)...psychiatrists, doctors, counselors etc... but now it's 2 years I've thoughts like these and I'm wondering what can I do to get better.
Also, is your son doing good? I've read in many articles that for some people, psychosis is not an illness but a way to grow out of childhood or change themselves...that would explain why some psychotic people return to "normal", or even improve, withouth the aid of meds. Hope I'm not boring with this long post!
Take care.


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