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Risperdal recovery
Oct 31, 2004
I have been ill on 800 mg seroquel and started on abilify 15 mg made me become ill. I have now been on risperdal 6 mg for three weeks. I am a whole lot better. I can concentrate to read books. I have no voices, dillusions, feel pretty normal EXCEPT that in social situations like in the evenings if I go out where there are a group of people I will start to get some of my old symptoms again and this makes me feel panic and want to get out of the situation.
Has anyone been on risperdal how long does it take to have full effect. Anyone with similar problems.
People who have been ill with schiz or schiz affective how long did it take to fully recover?
I am ok during the day it is just in the evening. I take seroquel 200 in morn with 3 mg risperdal. 3 mg risperdal at 6pm and 600 seroquel at 10pm. Symptoms appear around between 6pm and 10pm. never get them during the day. weird. want to be 100% FREE of these symptoms and not get them in evening cos its dibilitating and distressing

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