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I can relate with some of your thoughts...just see my post named "Help!Are these delusions?"...however, I'm very aware that my thoughts are crazy ones and I don't really believe them, I only fear them. If you believe these thoughts, then you're going into a psychotic phase...also hallucinations are a hallmark of psychosis, too, but they can halso happen in depression or if you took drugs.
I've OCD too and OCD can make you think crazy thoughts about [U]everything[/U] , so if you really believe the thoughts, it's probably psychosis because delusions are firmly (very firmly) held beliefs, if you are aware they're bizarre, it's probably OCD+depression.

I had periods of psychosis just like that for years before I was hospitalized. The hallucinations would only come on while I was falling asleep or waking up (and there was this "vapory" feeling I would get at the same time, like the voices were coming through a hollow tube or through water) you want to see them get worse--I really urgently recommend you to see a doctor. Plus you said in another post you had ocd (right?...). Well, that's related. (I have some of that too). Insist on getting treated. Your doctor may say "well, that's normal as you are just waking up, to have those". [I]It's not![/I]

Sorry to be so ubrupt.

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