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First of all thank you very much for your help!i definetely dont think my thoughts are weird .i think all the people around me are weird cause they can believe anything.i dont think the things i thought are DEFINETELY real.i think they could be real but its %60 possiblity.i told my doctor that i m not sure that people are trying to fool not sure of doc says even if you believe your thoughts make sense,you can go to school and live an almost normal life,so youre not schizophrenic,its hard to say a person has schizophrenia.ive been taking meds for OCD for 2 years now.i still believe my thoughts but they dont effect me like they did before,but i still have obssesive thoughts especially when im solving maths problems i think theres something wrong with the way of solving but i cant know least when my mum cooks meal for me i dont think it may be poisoned (like i did before) ,because i dont want to believe so it hurts a lot.
Hi rhinestone!!Unfortunately that doctor hasnt mailed me maybe he will later.(i hope)
i was saying my mom will never believe i could be schizophrenic,cuz my doctor made her believe im not.
today on the news there was a scientist saying"our life-world may be a computer game"and my mom said "look its normal ,a scientist even believes that"and i thought "what!!!am i right are you robots??OMG i started to think again,this could be a last message for me not to go to hell.or i also think i might go to hell because i think normal and my mind doesnt believe in god(only my heart does)i might be punished for that i dont know what to think!!!im going INSANE!!!!ive also realized before taking drugs for ocd those would annoy me more i guess these meds made something to my senses.

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