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Well I have known this boy since we were 14, I was still friends with him when he developed schitzophrenia and had to be hospitalized. He is now living on his own and doing very well. We have been dating now for 3 weeks, his parents adore me, and his mom already told me she hopes i'm "the one". Which I am alright with. But 2 weeks ago he stopped taking his meds...So far no serious problems, other than he hears the voices again (which he can control) and he hates being in loud crowded situations. Which I can understand because I don't like them either. Does anyone know anything about this disease. I've read up a bunch on the internet...and one of the common things that is said is that no one with schitzophrenia should stop their meds. I'm not scared he would do anything to me, because I've seen him at the worst point in his illness, and he is not violent at all. I'm just concerned, and I'm not sure how to approach it, because I know the side effects the meds give him, and it almost seems like they are worse than the disease. I love him so much, not just as my boyfriend but as my best friend. Does anyone know much about this, or how to handle someone who is going through a schitzophrenic episode. We had a bit of one at his family Christmas party, but only because there was like 30 people there and 90% of them were smashed drunk when we got there so he was upset. (Nothing like meeting your boyfreinds entire extended family when they are drunk) Anyways, any advice you want to give me would be welcome. I know if he goes back to what he was before we need to end it, and I know if I did that he would be devistated. So would I for that matter.

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