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OK, this is pretty screwed up with the doctors. Im telling them exactly that i just need LOTS of love and attention from people and i dont get it then i get so frustrated and theyre saying that i need to stay on it. Which means that they are Seriously not understanding me. So anyways the frustrations that i have sounds like schizophrenia. This is bascially how frustrated i am because i want lots and lots of love and attention from people. If i had schizophrenia, id be hearing voices which i certainly dont. I am trying to lose weight and before this med ive been losing 1 lb per week. Now with this medication ive been working hard at the gym and im not losing any weight. Is my idea about cutting the 30 mgs into 4 pieces and taking 3 pieces one week then 2 the next then 1 for the last week a good idea? Please thats all i want to know. Maybe thats too fast to just get off the meds iduno i want to know please.

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