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Thanks for your feedback guys. Kiehn, Im glad you have the same kind of mentality I do. Maybe it is the OCD, or maybe we are just loopy!

MRT, I agree that it is like throwing gasoline on fire as patients have been told their whole life that their images are NOT real. It would throw things upside down if everyone starting believing that their images were real. Or maybe it would help them. Maybe they would stop thinking they were crazy and start thinking they were gifted.

OK, just say that the staff in the hospital only see these ghost like images because they have been exposed to this type of paranoid delusional psychosis by other patients. If the staff DO actually see a figure or a strange occurance one night, are they being delusional like their patients, or are they allowing their minds to be susceptible to this type of occurance?

Like Lachesis said, 'it is hard to distinguish reality when we have such a limited understanding of it'. Our brains are so complex that we still dont understand how it works completely. Maybe todays reality is living a delusion, and what you see in your eyes, transmitted from your brain, is indeed the truth.

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