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One could explain all of the things you listed using your own comments. In a way, you might allready know the awnser.

[quote]I worked in a hospital a while back as a nurse, [b]in a ward that is very old and haunted.[/b] You may not believe in ghosts but there has been many nurses working shift hours that have seen people standing at the end of the hallway and then suddenly just disappear. [b]This has been going on for years and it is known by everyone[/b] not to go on a ciggi break during the night on your own as you will probably hear or see something that will freak you.
Two important clues are in the above text.
- It's an old ward that [b]looks[/b] haunted. It's old and intimidating.
- There's allready a common consensus among the staff that this place might be haunted. New staff members probably hear scary stories from senior nurses the first day on the job.

I won't disclose the awnser yet, let's see if you can figure out where I'm going with this.

[quote]In the same ward, and around it is where a lot of mentally ill patients stay, especially those with Schizophrenia. You will walk into a room and they will scream at you to get 'that man out of my room'. The nurse doesnt usually see 'that person', but shews the imaginary figure out anyway.[/quote]
The entire text above is one big clue. I tried to highlight the clues and figured I'd just have to highlight the entire quote.

So, not only does the place look old, initmidating, is surrounded by ghost stories and filled with a sleep-deprived staff that work long hours in the dark night, but it is also filled with schizophrenics who, thanks to their illness, yell out phrases of terror and claim to see people standing inside their bedroom at night. (Which the staff doesn't usually see themselves)

Clearly, the awnser is a mass delusion which is pretty common in people spending a lot of time around schizophrenics. Friends and familly of schizophrenics have often being dragged into a delusional psychosis. I read about the effect a few weeks ago and was pretty intrigued by it.
It seems to be a very powerfull effect.

One last note;

My question is, if this ward is apparantly haunted and people who are not 'mentally ill' see ghosts and unexplainable figures walking around at times, who isnt to say that the people who have Schizophrenia staying in these wards are actually REALLY seeing/ hearing lost souls and ghosts walking around their room? Maybe their brain is more tweaked to this. The occasional nurse sees a glimpse every once in a while, but the patient who has been labelled 'mentally ill', is NOT ill, they are seeing it for real![/quote]
This is a dangerous path of thought.
Allthough I'll give you that people are too quick to ascribe something unlikely or illogical perceived by a psychotic patient as just a symptom of their condition, in this case it would be unhealthy to attribute telepathic skills to a psychotic whose psychosis generally makes them susceptible to such delusional thinking. Many schizophrenics have a belief in telepathic powers/paranormal sensing as their main delusion, telling them they actually do possess these skills would be like throwing gassoline on a fire.
i've long struggled with this, and i've been told various things by different people.

Personally i think there are people out ther who do see spirits and have abilities of clairvoyance and other senses that most people don't tap into. i think we all have the ability to perceive certain things and feel certain senses that we deny ourselves because they are too scary, while other people are thrown head-first into these senses (rather overwhelming). there are receptors in our brain that filter through what we see and paint a certain picture for us, leaving out a few things that seemingly don't fit. its very difficult to distinguish reality when we have such a limited understanding of it.

and i wouldn't consider this simply new agey/whatever, becasue quantum physics and many branches of philosophy express a similar theory. i don't think it makes you delusional to question reality. i think it IS delusion if you become convinced that such hallucinations are real, as i think it is also closeminded to totally disregard this possiblity. I prefer to be skeptical personally.

Then again this could all be a delusion of mine :)

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