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Jan 28, 2005
i am 19 years old and i have a mother who is schizophrenic. she has been for as long as i have been alive.. even longer. when she is medicated [I]properly[/I] she is like a sweet little grandmother, who knitts and what not. when she is without medication or the wrong doses she ranges from a mindless lump to a violent devil. i have seen all of these faces in my lifetime. she oftin has delutions. my father and my mom were divorced when i was 15 due to "irreconcilable differneces". My father soon after married the woman who he was having an affair with for a year prior to divorcing my mother. ironicaly enough my step mother has a son who is in a high security hospital for having severe schizophrenia.

My sister suffers from Panic disorders and i from depression.

Southern Nevada Mental Health Department. PACT (Program for Assertive Community Treatment) program is designed to be a hospital without walls. The team includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse, psychiatric caseworkers, and a close liaison with job services. It provides care for 72 of the highest users of services in the community that previously had to depend almost solely on inpatient care.

my family has raised hell many of times the mental health departments and our last name is well known for getting people fired.

needless to say mental illness is a large part of my life. i am not here for questions of mine to be answered. i am here to be support of other people and answer any questions posed.

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