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this reply is for WARREN_G that was directed to JBDK

i just had to say this:

I found your reply to this person to by quite rude and invading of his/her privacy. If you were joking around, it was not a funny joke.
if you really are a psychic, i find it quite rude that you would do something like that without the person's permission. If it were me, i would be really paranoid, angry.
I think psychics should use their abilities in a concervative, respectful mannor.
and not be telling people what they can read from their minds unless that person asked for it.

This message board has people on it who are suffering from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia (or something similar) we can get easily paranoid and disturbed.

I hope you wont do something like that again.

i dont feel comfortable with a psychic being here reading our minds. how about the rest of you guys? i already feel paranoid enough about people reading my mind and scanning my brain and using me as a robot and all that.


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