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Feb 15, 2005
Hey all. First Id like to say that im not schizophrenic but rather i have Bipolar I and OCD, and also paranoia/delusions but my psychatrist doesnt believe that the paranoia is linked with my Bipolar. nor does he believe that i am schizoaffective. So my Diagnosis he tells me is Bipolar I, OCD and psychosis.

Anyway, I have tried so many antipsychotics (well not that many I guess, Ive tried more antidepressants, 17 to be exact). The only drug that has worked for me is Seroquel but I had to stop it because of an allergic reaction to the drug.

I have tried Respridal, Zyprexa, Solian, Seroquel, Abilify, and Largactil (Thorazine).

Most have given me really bad akathisia which I had to take benztropine to stop it which helped some what. When I was on Solian i developed early signs of tardive dyskinesia and had to stop the drug and it went away after a while thankfully.

I just really want the paranoia to go away and I dont know what else to try. I dont want to stop the Zyprexa either though as its the only thing that stops me from going manic. I tried stopping it recently and I went manic within days.

Anyway, can anyone recommend some antipsychotics that are good for paranoia or is it just a trial and error thing based on individual response to a drug? I dont think I really want to be on a typical again, I really didnt like Largactil (Thorazine) that much. I felt so overheated on it all the time, and thinking felt very slow I cant describe it.

Take care and thank you.
Re: Paranoia
Feb 16, 2005

Well, as far as medication goes you've tried all the atypical anti-psychotics except for clozaril (which, given its potential for severe side-effects, a doctor is unlikely to prescribe to someone who is not diagnosed with schizophrenia) and Geodon. Maybe you could try Geodon (Ziprasidone)?

I do know of a few schizophrenics who, along with the mental pain of paranoia are also suffering phisiologically from anxiety, and so they take benzodiazepines, but the precautions on all these (diazepam, lorazepam, clonazepam, and alprazolam) drugs read: [I]not for use in psychosis[/I]. And given that you also suffer from bipolar and OCD I really don't have enough knowledge about Pharmacotherapy to offer you any useful advice per medication, except to say that there are quite a few other drugs you might try.

I wonder why your doctor is so sure that your paranoia is unrelated to your bipolar disorder? Anyhow, I think there are ways to cope with and hopefully prevail over paranoia without depending completely on the drugs: not that the drugs won't help but that they should be used along with other therapies. Have you tried some kind of group or individual therapy? particularly either cognitive behavioral or DBT? (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). Also, I have personally found meditation helpful, and attention to diet and excercise and some kind of artistic practice.

Take care.

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