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[QUOTE=b-boy-22]HI, I have schizophrenia. I took decongestants ( 1 extra-strenth tablet every 4hrs) then I went to bed. When I was lying down I felt sensations like a pin was caught in my tongue and my throat. I am going to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist to have this removed.

Say to your voices, "Someone felt the bugs in their tongue and in their throat by taking decongestants"

Please let me know the responses you get from your voices.

Thank you[/QUOTE]

I have been suspecting for sometime that my boyfriend is schizophrenic. since you stated that you are schizophrenic can you tell me what is like for you, when you see or feel or hear something that only you are able to see or hear, when people tell you that it really isn't there or you are just hearing things? I don't know what to say when he tells me about things he sees or hears. but i am trying to understand and be there but it's really hard when i am not seeing the things that he is.

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