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Re: Help Anyone?
Mar 14, 2005
i think its very difficult to diagnose yourself, or even to trust the diagnosis of professionals. i think if you are schizophrenic, you are mildly so, or perhaps in the beginning phase. it is also very common for psychosis to be associated with stress, anxiety, or depression, and that that is definately a possibility. posting this in the schizophrenia section means a lot of people will see similarities to your situation, just as they would in the OCD section, or anxiety, or even depression. i think what is most important is what you would do with the knowledge if you realized that you were a schizophrenic. would it change how you lived your life? would you start taking antipsychotics? i'm just asking that because i was searching myself for a very long time, in hopes that perhaps a diagnosis would make me "fixable", or at least i would be able to excuse myself for my weaknesses. i still do not know if i am schizophrenic, bipolar, have a dopamine sensitivity, or just severe ocd with psychotic symptoms, but no matter what i don't think medication would be the solution for me, and labeling something really doesn't change it much either. though, it is comforting to have a label, and certainly makes you feel less alone.

honestly, i think you have OCD and anxiety/depression which may trigger slight psychosis, but i do not think you have schizophrenia. i hope you find out though, or at least become at peace with not knowing. good luck! :wave:

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