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[QUOTE=halfreality71]many of the things you described have happened to me (hearing sounds, seeing shadows and dark spots out of the corners of my eyes, objects seem to move, like they are flowing,breathing,and pulsing. etc.)
These can all be signs of schizophrenia, but they can also be signs of something else. For example, people with severe cases of bipolar disorder and depression can have hallucinations. Hallucinations can be caused by drug use (do you use any drugs?) Certian medical problems (like epilepsy, brain tumors, thyroid problems, etc.) can cause symptoms that look like schizophrenia.
Do you have any of the other symptoms of schiz? like paranoia/mistrust of others. Social withdrawl, sensitivity to lights/sounds/smells, etc.
Thought problems, such as poor concentration and memory, uncontrollable/repeating thoughts, disorganized thoughts, your mind constantly goes blank, etc.
Altered sense of self (ex: cant tell where your limbs are, feel seperate from your body, etc.)

are you either really depressed or manic when these hallucinations happen? should probably get in to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated.

it's good that you are aware of these symptoms. Even though there is a low chance of you being schizophrenic, it is still a possibility and it's better to be aware of what is going on then to be unaware.

good luck


I have been a little mistrusting of others, but it's not ridiculous mistrusting. And I've recently have had more thought problems, but probably not to the extent that your talking about. And I recently gained a sensitivity to sound.. but it's one of those sensitivities where if a noise isn't needed, than I like it turned off. It's not like a falsely loud sound type of sensitivity. And I doubt I've been in a major case of depression or bipolar. I agree that it could be a case of something else and it seems to be much more possible. My mom has a history of low-thryoid so it could be something like that.. well, thanks!!

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