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[QUOTE=yfguitarist]Thanks. About the messages from God thing, I may have worded that oddly. I'm a Christian and I was asking God (in prayer) for a sign to get help, and I took the voice as His answer. It's possible that the voice was a friend messing with me. I'll find out for sure tomorrow.

I emailed this to a psychologist and he said I need to get help, but for some reason I keep convincing myself that I'm perfectly fine and that nothing is wrong, even though I know it's not true. But I can't help these thoughts that nothing is wrong. I've ruled out the placebo effect because I was feeling this way a few weeks before I read the symptoms.

Today in class I wasn't able to concentrate on a test for the first 30 minutes. I was trying to convince myself to tell someone that something is wrong. Mainly I was staring at something and repeating the same phrase over and over in my mind: "YOU NEED HELP."[/QUOTE]

It's hard reaching out for help. It took me two years before I finally decided that something was definitely wrong with me. Not having insight into how ill you really are -- i.e. thinking that your fine -- can be a sign that somthing [I]is[/I] wrong. Even when I started hearing things I kept telling myself that it was just because I was tired or stressed or something; but I wasn't -- I was ill. It wasn't that I was delusional or anything; it was just that I was too scared to admit to myself that I was mentally ill. You might be fine. But it's surely better to get yourself checked over by a doctor, just to be on the safe side. If nothing's wrong, great; if you are ill, then at least your dealing with it, not bottling everything up. I found it terribly hard to talk to someone about what I was experiencing -- but I'm glad I did. I'd be in a real mess now if I hadn't.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Hey, wait.. There's a number of issues that go into the IQ measure. If your anxious at all, which your worry of having schizophrenia would no doubt have produced anxiety, you will score lower. That is true with almost every test. The higher the anxiety past a certain point, the more poorly you will do on tests. And just because the online IQ test said it was certified, doesn't mean it was an accurate indicator of actual IQ. There are many many tests on line, and many of them are false(even if they say they are "phD" approved). If you want more reliable accuracy take a variety of tests to get a more well-rounded answer when it comes to IQ. And make sure your not feeling anxiety, especially if it's coming from your worry of having schizophrenia(unless your having a psychotic episode, which then you should go see a doctor).

And plus, you could genuinely never have had a high IQ. Being in the gifted program does not nessecarily mean you were of a high IQ(I've consulted with a friend about his experience in the local gifted program and the general aptitude of the people), it could just mean that you were creative or had a specific talent(such as art or music or language). It could also be that you have a really hard working attitude which would explain why you were also in the honors roll program(Work ethics tend to determine grades more than any other factor, assuming some intelligence).

But you could really being experiencing a psychotic episode which has been proven to impair cognitive function and therefore lower your IQ at the time of the psychotic episode or the lapse in schizophrenia. So that may be influencing your scores, and in that case you should get checked out.

BTW, I have some questions. I know a lot of correlations between the personal factors and schizophrenia so If you give me more information, I could determine if you were more at risk.

Were you always were considered very creative? What kind of things were you creative at(thinking of ideas, thinking of words, thinking of images, being visually minded, or you an artist or a musician, or are you analytically creative)? Are you quick at mathematics, or does it come more difficult for you? Do things that involve reasoning more difficult for you(reasoning involved in tasks and the such)? And when you speak with your pals, do you speak with fluency or it is pretty difficult to think of things to say?

And knowing socio-economic and stress levels would help to.. but I can't really guage those over the internet so it wouldn't be of any use.

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