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Schizophrenia usually develops during late teens or early twenties. My sister has it and she got it during her early twenties. She heard voices and was totally out of touch with reality. She also got very paranoia and violent. One she and my Mom went to an outing and she grabbed my Mom's purse and starting hitting her with it! Another time, I was almost asleep, but still awake and I saw her coming up to me with a hat pin and she was trying to stick it in my forehead. One time, she said I was "born with a star on my forehead, but she pulled it off". Just really wierd stuff like that. It was pretty scary for awhile and she was in and out of hospitals until they found the right medication for her.

She went through several medications until they finally found one that worked. I can't remember the name of the one they finally used, but it's a fairly new one. She is fine now. She even works part time and has her own apartment.

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